Skin resurfacing with laser

Aging is a complex biological process. Problems in aging skin also occur as a result of photoaging rather than chronological aging, and these changes are in the form of tissue loss or reduction called atrophy, especially in the upper and middle skin layers. The main ingredient of the skin, which gives our skin a thick, tight, and elastic appearance, is collagen. Our skin, which was quite thick, tight and elastic in our childhood, becomes thinner and looser due to many factors such as the decrease in collagen over time, the harmful effects of smoking and the sun, eating habits and genetic factors. As a result, wrinkles on our face due to facial expressions and sagging due to gravity occur. However, we all desire to have taut and wrinkle-free skin for many years. This dream can become a reality thanks to the advancing medical cosmetic technology today.

Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure that stimulates the skin to renew its own tissue without using any foreign substance. It can be done in two ways. The first is ablative, that is, we do it by anesthetizing the upper skin under local anesthesia, then peeling it layer by layer. After the procedure, it is necessary to stay away from work for a week. Our second technique is made with ND-YAG LASER nonablatively, that is, without peeling the skin. In this method, the upper layer of the skin is protected, stimulating the cells in the deep and enabling them to produce natural collagen. Skin rejuvenation is also used in removing acne scars and erasing blemishes.