Skin resurfacing treatments

Dear readers, in my article last week, we started skin rejuvenation processes with the title of microneedling and PRP applications. In my following articles, I will talk about energy-based applications. Before examining each topic separately, I think it would be appropriate to give general information about some concepts.

First of all, it is necessary to talk about dermatological laser and IPL applications. In dermatology, laser and IPL technologies are used in skin rejuvenation and tightening, epilation, treatment of varicose veins, tattoo removal, spot and scar treatments.

What is laser?

While visible light consists of all rays with a certain wavelength, laser devices produce very strong light at a single wavelength depending on the type. According to the wavelength, each laser beam shows its effect by being held by different structures in the human tissue; This is how it is determined which laser is suitable for which treatment.

By the way, I would like to give information about the two most common negative thoughts that come to people’s minds about laser. Laser beams are not ionizing and do not cause cancer in any organ; In addition, laser beams do not cause adverse effects on male or female fertility.

What is IPL (intense pulsed light)?

Like laser, IPL is a light-based technology. The light produced by a very strong light source is passed through special filters that release only the wavelengths needed according to the treatment. IPL beams, which are not of a single wavelength like a laser, but have a wavelength in a certain range, are basically similar to lasers and can be used in many areas where laser is used.

In addition to light-based applications, radiofrequency technology, which has been used in surgical procedures for many years, has also taken its place among skin rejuvenation procedures. The radiofrequency energy created by the alternating electric current circulating between the blunt electrodes that touch the skin surface or the needle electrodes that reach the skin and subcutaneous tissues at a certain depth in the form of microneedling, allows skin rejuvenation with controlled heat damage, as well as scar treatment and skin tightening.

After this week’s general information, I will talk about skin rejuvenation methods in more detail in the coming weeks. I wish you healthy days.