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Skin diseases in summer

One of the most common health problems in the summer months is skin diseases. The main reasons for this situation are the increase in sunlight coming to our country in the summer months and the high air temperatures. The negative effects of the sun on our skin are now clearly known, but many details that we do not pay attention to during the summer months, especially during the holiday period, can impair our skin health.

The first of the health problems that occur in the body due to sunlight is sunburns, which should be treated immediately. Some side effects of the sun occur immediately. Especially in white-skinned people, sunburns are common as a result of careless sunbathing. sunburns; It can occur in a very short time, within 2-4 hours, when the rays are perpendicular. The burns, which reach the highest severity in 12 hours, gradually lose their effect in 72 hours. In sunburn, first the skin becomes red as a whole, then small bumps like a liquid-filled pimple appear. During this time, the skin becomes warm and sensitive. As the burn progresses, the ends of the nerves in the lower layers of the skin are also affected and severe pain occurs.

In the long run, the sun; It can cause skin wrinkles, color changes, some skin cancer precursor changes and various skin cancers. These side effects, which accumulate over the years due to repeated contact with the sun, occur when some very harmful rays of the sun cause changes in the structure of frequently regenerated cells. In places exposed to the sun frequently; freckles, different colored spots, hardening and thickening of the skin may occur. This long-term effect of the sun is also called premature skin aging. A younger appearance can be obtained in summer with the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) method, also known as the youth vaccine. PRP application; It is an application based on taking 8-10 cc of blood from a person, subjecting it to centrifugation in a special tube, separating it into its components and giving PRP (Platelet-enriched plasma) back to the same person by injection. This method, which is widely used in Europe, is FDA approved. We can explain the healing effect of: “When a part of our body is cut, the first cells that collect in that area are the cells called platelets or thrombocyte that enable blood to clot. Platelets or platelets are blood components that contain the growth factors necessary to repair damaged tissues in our body. In PRP application, more platelets can be delivered to the target tissue than the amount to be transported by the blood circulation, because the density of platelets obtained by PRP is 2 to 4 times higher than that in the blood. As a result of this application, the repair of damaged tissue begins so quickly and powerfully.

Another common skin problem in summer is excessive sweating. “rash” is called a condition. Increasing heat in the summer causes an acceleration in metabolism and an increase in sweat gland activity. The rash develops after the overproduction of sweat cannot be removed from the skin, and small, itchy, sometimes burning lesions develop. When frequent bathing and overdressing continue, these tiny pimple-like rashes can turn into larger boil-like pimples. With the increase in air temperatures, as a result of excessive sweating, itchy rashes, which we call nappy rash, can be seen in the fold areas (groin, armpit, between the fingers, under the breast or between the breasts in women). Keeping these areas wet or moist also causes fungal diseases by activating yeast cells. Especially on the feet, bad smells, rash-like images and severe itching may begin. Our sea and pool habits in our holiday understanding also facilitate the formation of some skin diseases. Pools that are entered without taking a shower, or not taking a shower after exiting, are the most important ways that facilitate the transmission and formation of infectious diseases. The most common of these infections are molluscum, warts and fungal infections; Sometimes their treatment may take a long time or may not respond to treatment. Walking barefoot by the poolside also causes us to infect or catch these diseases. We definitely need to develop the habit of using slippers. There are also important things to know when it comes to slippers: flip-flops or closed slippers can be the main cause of diaper rash or calluses in summer. Because friction trauma is not a desired position for skin health. It is better to use slippers that breathe softly and do not feel rubbing against the skin or sweating.

No matter how hygienic the common areas used in hotels are seen, if we go to the places to be used or contacted in these places with our personal belongings, we will again take an important step to protect ourselves from infectious diseases. For example, entering places such as saunas, Turkish baths, steam rooms with slippers and using towels in places where we will sit will minimize the risks.