Skin diseases caused by sweating

The most important task of the skin is to wrap and cover our internal organs and to protect them from harmful factors. In the meantime, it provides the exchange of nutrients and substances from the outside to the inside, from the inside to the outside, with its special structure.

Each season, the structure of the skin changes depending on external factors. With the effect of heat and humidity in summer, the pores open. Opened pores can become clogged with toxic substances that sweat tries to expel. This blockage can turn into a rash if we wear synthetic or sweat-proof clothes, and apply concealer make-up to the face area.

The bitter, spicy or acidic contents that we take into our body through nutrition are excreted profusely by sweat. In people with white or sensitive skin, these excreted substances can cause allergies with sweat. People who experience itching or prickling when sweating feel discomfort for this reason. In order to get rid of this situation, it would be right to take a shower frequently and stay away from such foods if possible.

Sweaty skin, along with wetness, opens the door to fungal infections in the first place. In addition, pools that are used in common and overcrowded and that are not disinfected are a source of infection.

The presence of red spots and brown spots on the back of the abdomen first suggests a fungal infection. If there are spots on the skin, in the groin, on the back or on the chest, even if it does not cause any symptoms, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Bacterial infections, on the other hand, manifest themselves as acne-like blisters. Sometimes these are painful and singular, and sometimes they spread rapidly in number without any trouble. If the acne-like bumps that appear suddenly are squeezed and burst, the infection spreads. It will leave a trace.

It is a risk of contagiousness that people with wounds, redness and acne-like blisters on their skin are in common areas with others. Using the towel or clothes of the sick person causes the spread of the microbial agent.

In order to prevent skin diseases caused by sweating, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

Choosing clothes made of fabric that will keep sweat away from the body.

Washing clothes every day, not wearing the same t-shirt or shirt the next day

Avoiding or consuming less spicy, spicy, additive foods.

Take frequent showers and prevent sweat from clogging pores

Women should stay away from foundation powder.

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