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Skin care (instrumental, cosmetic and medical)

Skin care can lead to undesirable results in unconscious and inexperienced hands. Monthly skin care by determining the skin type reduces the problems of the skin. It prevents the development of skin problems.

Skin care with dermo-cosmetic products:
acne skin care

oily skin care

Normal skin care

Sensitive skin care

dry skin care

Skin care against sagging and wrinkles

Skin care for blemished skin

skin balancing skin care

After skin care, the most suitable skin care products for your skin structure and needs are recommended.

Skin care for acne-prone and oily skin, together with skin treatments and after treatment, can greatly reduce the problem of acne.

Thanks to monthly skin care, it can reduce the effects of aging. You can protect the youth and beauty of your skin with skin care before any problems occur and without the need for medical intervention.

THERMOCOAGULATION (TC 3000) (Treatment of capillary varicose veins)

TC 3000 is a device that can be used on all skin types, aiming to eliminate thin varicose veins. Thin varicose veins of all shapes and colors in any area can be treated with TC 3000. It is especially suitable for varicose veins with very small diameter and which cannot be reached by micro-sclerosis method. The TC 3000 works on the principle that a very high frequency (4 MHz) wave creates a thermal lesion.

The device consists of a generator and disposable insulated nickel needles that only provide energy to the vessel and do not harm the surrounding tissue. The power of the generator provides optimum energy and prevents the risk of necrosis. Gold needles are used in people with nickel allergy.

Situations where the device cannot be used:

Infection in the area to be treated

Carrying pacemaker of the person to be treated

The person to be treated is pregnant

The device has no long-lasting side effects.

After the use of the device, it is seen that the thin varicose veins disappear instantly. Short-term redness occurs on the skin due to thermocoagulation. These crust over in a few days. It returns to normal within 4-6 weeks.


It is hygienic as special needles are used.

Telangiectatic and fine reticular veins disappear instantly.

Does not cause allergies.

No pigmentation.

It won’t burn.

It has no side effects.

Comfortable for the patient, no bandage required

It is highly effective on all kinds of telangiectatic and thin reticular varicose veins.

It can be applied to any skin type.

Fast treatment

One session corresponds to 250-500 pulses.

40 to 50 cm of telangiectatic and thin reticular varices can be removed in one session.