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skin care for men

Skin care is of course not just a women’s issue. Men’s skin also breaks and they face all kinds of skin problems. Their biggest problem is their beard and mustache. Shaving every day irritates the skin. It causes redness and sometimes ingrown hairs. And if they have acne, shaving causes a lot of trouble.

Prefer shaving products prepared for sensitive skin:

Products such as shaving foams and shaving gels contain substances such as alcohol, menthol, mint, potassium, sodium hydroxide, and camphor. These are all irritating materials.

For example, shaving foams or gels prepared for sensitive skin are softer. They do not contain irritants such as perfume, menthol, alcohol, lemon, orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, camphor or mint.

After shave is not used instead of perfume:

At least your after shave should be soft. You need to take a little extra care of the skin that is irritated by the machine or razor. If your face turns red after you’ve finished shaving, it’s most likely because of the after shaves you used.

Almost all of the after shaves on the market are hard. They’re all highly loaded with perfume, alcohol, and many more irritants. Many men already use them for perfume. The most suitable products for after shave are non-alcoholic tonics that do not irritate the skin. You can safely use these tonics after shaving.

If you want to use perfume, you can also apply it to your clothes or hair.

Daily maintenance:

Men’s shaving every day, in a way, ensures that the dead skin layer on their skin is cleaned. Revitalizes cell formation and skin regeneration. However, since the skin layer on the upper part of their faces is not peeled off, it hardens and becomes dull over time. For this reason, using products containing fruit acids (AHA) on the unshaved areas of the face (forehead, around the eyes and on the cheeks) preserves the freshness of the skin and revitalizes it.

Acne faces:

If you have blackheads and acne, I recommend using a product that contains salicylic acid (BHA). BHAs can be used comfortably even on shaved skin areas. These gently exfoliate the skin, opening the pores. Thus, they soothe the skin, improve redness, swelling and irritation while preventing blackheads and acne.

Protect from the sun:

Men’s face is often more affected by the sun. Skin that becomes sensitive by shaving and then irritated by harsh aftershaves burns easily in the sun and turns into a leathery state. The facial skin of many middle-aged men is of a very different color and structure than their body. This is all because of the sun. Sunscreens aren’t just for kids and women. Men should not go out without wearing them.

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