Skin care and applications

Skin care is not a treatment method. It is a care, a cleaning. Due to environmental pollution, cigarettes, creams and lotions applied on the skin, and sebum secretion produced by the skin, the skin becomes oily, the pores are clogged, the skin is prevented from breathing, black spots occur, and sometimes it becomes dry and dull.

In the skin care process, the dead layer on the skin is purified. It is cleaned with special disinfectants that do not dry, the pores are opened, the skin is purified from black spots, it is tried to replace the lost moisture, if there is excess oil secretion, it is tried to be purified.

The procedures performed on it are not a treatment, but are ancillary procedures to the treatment. Treatment is supported with drying and acne healing products for those with acne problems, with antiaging creams and serums for those with signs of aging, and with stain removal products for those with blemishes.

Finally, moisturizing and sun protection should be done.

Skin Care Applications

1- The skin is cleaned first.

2- Fruit acid peeling is applied. The pores are opened and the dead skin is removed.

3- By applying steam, the skin is purified from toxins. The pores are opened. It is based on cleaning the subcutaneous tissue. Dead skin is thoroughly softened. Blackheads are easily removed.

4- Special care product is used for black spots. In this way, blackheads can be squeezed without irritating the skin. Oil glands are released. The moist state of the pores is protected by steam.

5- After the squeezing process is finished, it is disinfected with a special care product. The skin is cleaned with special sterile cloths.

6- A new cleansing of the skin is achieved with the hight frequency. The skin is disinfected again.

7- Mask application is made. Masks suitable for every skin are applied. Masks that can be applied for eyes, lips, cheeks, masks of hyaluronic acid, vitamin, caviar and collagen can be applied.

After 8-20 minutes of mask application, hand massage is done with special creams.

9- The mask is cleaned with antioxidant products. It is a slightly different product than a tonic. It moisturizes the skin.

10- After the cleaning process, anti-aging, stain cream, acne cream, etc. creams and serums are used according to the complaint.

11- Finally, a suitable moisturizer is applied to the skin and the skin care process is completed with a decollete, neck and face massage.

12- Finally, the skin is protected with sunscreen.