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skin and water

The skin is the largest organ of our body and 2/3 of our weight is water. 80% of our world consists of water. Thereby; Water and health are closely linked. While each person should drink at least 1.5 -2 liters of water a day, this situation is usually disrupted. This need varies with age, gender, temperature and activity.

The epidermis layer, which is the top layer of the skin, tries to maintain its elasticity, softness and moisture thanks to the water we drink with diet. The dermis layer below acts as an area that stores and traps water. In diseases where the barrier function of our skin is impaired, water loss from our skin increases. In diseases such as atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Contact Dermatitis and Acne, the skin’s moisture retention mechanism is impaired. This problem becomes even more important in older skin.

It is easier to develop eczema on dry skin, and this is common in the elderly. In the fight against such diseases, it is necessary to wash the skin with syndetes other than soap, and then care with water-retaining moisturizers.