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Skin analysis and imaging visia – mirror

Visia and Mirror Skin Analysis System

Visia and Mirror analysis systems are used to view the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

The success of the treatment can be measured objectively thanks to the photographs taken before and after the applications, in the same light and position.

Visia provides skin and subcutaneous evaluation both visually and mathematically with the help of lenses and a special analysis program.

The system evaluates this data and presents percentages and graphs about the condition of the skin.

If we briefly list the information provided by Visia, it provides many information such as* evaluation of wrinkles on the skin,* evaluation of brown spots,* evaluation of UV damage,* locations, density, amount, etc. of capillaries and red moles on the skin, with photographs and mathematical data. Mirror imaging system, Botox, fillers, skin tightening applications and regional thinning of the body offer the opportunity to compare cellulite images before and after treatment.