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Sexual health for gay men

Sexually transmitted diseases are most easily transmitted through sexual intercourse. Using a condom protects not only from HIV, but also from other sexually transmitted diseases. The number of gay men with HIV is high. Therefore, it is quite risky to have sexual intercourse without using a condom. If the person is HIV-positive, treatment of other sexually transmitted diseases is also difficult. Diseases such as syphilis cause HIV to progress faster. The rate of hepatitis C is also increasing, especially in HIV-positive men. Hepatitis C can be cured in some cases. But this is a difficult and tiring process. Therefore, the way to prevent contagion is to use condoms. There is no routine testing for hepatitis C. However, those who think they are at risk or are infected should consult their physician. It is important for gay men to be screened every 6 months. Because, some infections may not have any signs and symptoms.

Currents in the penis

Gonorrhea ( gonorrhea ): It is a bacterial infection. There is a burning or urinating sensation when urinating and the inability to urinate. Antibiotic treatment is required.

Nonspecific urethritis ( NSU ): It is a bacterial inflammation of the urinary tract. Like gonorrhea, it is sexually transmitted. It gives similar indications. NSU also occurs with inflammation of the urinary tract due to frequent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Antibiotic treatment is required.

3- Chlamydia: It is a bacterial infection that settles in the urethra (urinary tract), rectum and larynx. There is discharge, pain when urinating, or pain in the testicles. It may not have any symptoms. It is transmitted from an infected person during sexual intercourse. Antibiotic treatment is required.

Fluid-filled blisters and rashes on the penis

Genital herpes ( genital herpes ): It is a viral infection. Painful blisters or ulcers occur on the penis or anus. Some men have no signs or symptoms. It is transmitted from a person who has herpes in or around the mouth during oral sex. It is transmitted from a person with genital herpes by skin-to-skin contact during sexual intercourse. Recovery is accelerated with antiviral drugs. Attack times are shortened.

syphilis ( syphilis )

It is a bacterial infection. Painless ulcers occur, often in the genital area. Although it goes away on its own, other symptoms of syphilis appear over time. Such as rash on the body and swelling of the lymph nodes. It is very contagious in the early stages. It is transmitted as a result of close skin contact during sexual intercourse. Antibiotic treatment is required.

Pimple-like blisters on the penis

Genital wart ( HPV infection ): It occurs several weeks or months after sexual intercourse with an infected person. It is in the form of pinhead-sized bubbles or bubbles. It occurs on and around the glans penis, as well as in and around the anus.

It is treated by a specialist physician with methods such as chemical cauterization, electrocauterization and cryo.

itching on the penis

Pubic lice: Lice are transmitted very easily during sexual contact. They live in the hairy area. They are hard to see because they are the size of a pinhead. However. The eggs attached to the hair can be noticed. Although lice prefer pubic hair (around testicles and anus), they can also settle in body hair (not hair). They are also found in clothing, bedding, and towels. They cause itching and rash. They are treated with medicated shampoos or lotions.

Scabies: It is an extremely itchy condition caused by a kind of creature called scabies, which is invisible and settles under the skin. Itching begins 2 or more weeks after sexual contact with an infected person. It can also be transmitted by sharing the same bed. Treatment is done with suitable lotions or creams for the agent. The itching can last up to several weeks after the insects die.

If you have or think you have the above signs and symptoms, it would be beneficial to consult a specialist.

Regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases is very important in maintaining a healthy sex life.