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seborrheic keratosis


It is the most common of the benign tumors. It is hereditary, it usually occurs after the age of 30, and as you get older, the number can increase to hundreds. It is more common in the male gender.

It is black, brown in color, small, slightly raised from the skin, serrated or plain oily, and sometimes has a bad appearance.

It is most commonly observed on the face, scalp, and upper body. In women, they can be located under the breast and are often traumatized. They are usually numerous in dark-skinned individuals.

The diagnosis is made by a dermatologist. Definitive diagnosis can be made by skin biopsy in cases with dubious dermoscopic appearance.

They do not require treatment except for cosmetic reasons. Bleeding, pain or secondary infection may occur when they are irritated or from scratching.

As a treatment; scraping-curettage, electrocautery, cryotherapy, laser systems are possible with fractional co2 laser and plasma.