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Scar and surgical scar removal

We apply Biodermogenesi for the treatment of old and new scars, surgical scars and burn scars (burn scars). With its biodermogenesi, it provides softening in surgical and scars, coloring areas that cannot take color, and provides a flatter pit-free image. It was observed that the excessive tension in the tissue regressed rapidly, especially in an application tried on burn scars. Based on these studies, we use the Biodermogenesi technique in our office for surgical scars, scars and burn scars (burn scar treatment). Since the data we obtained from our practices supports the results obtained in different international studies, we placed this technique at the top of the surgical or burn scar treatment systems. Biodermogenesi allows us to achieve very promising results by normalizing skin dynamics without damaging the skin, regulating and increasing both intra-tissue circulation and cellular activities without damaging the skin tissue.

Features of Biodermogenesis Technique

Painless and painless

A short application

Does not affect daily life,

Does not damage tissue

It can be combined with other treatments.

The application session is first repeated twice a week, between 15-20 sessions depending on the size and depth of the scar and surgical scar. Although the duration of the procedure varies according to the width / depth of the surgical scar or scar, it is 15-40 minutes. is completed in. It does not require anesthesia, normal daily life is not affected after the procedure.