Scabies: a nightmare itching table

Scabies; It is a contagious, itchy disease caused by external parasites. They are female parasites that cause disease in humans. In the first contagious period, it may take days or months for the individual to complain. However, in the case of a second infection, clinical symptoms appear within 24-48 hours. Therefore, a positive family history of pruritus may occur late in some individuals. Complain-free carriers are not uncommon. They can only live 2-3 days under normal conditions outside of human skin. The number of these parasites, which live in the tunnels they open in the skin, is thousands, especially in people with a weak immune system, and they can live up to 1 week in the environment.

Transmission occurs through close personal contact. In particular, they leave human skin at bed temperature. A person with scabies easily infects family members. Shared use of clothes, linens and other items that carry the parasite is a form of transmission.

In the diagnosis of scabies, the history of intense itching that increases with sweating and warmth in the family, especially at night, is a very important clinical symptom. It may not be able to express the complaint of itching, especially in infants or individuals receiving elderly care support. Behavioral changes such as restlessness and not sleeping are warnings in this regard.

Involvement areas; It is localized between the fingers, folds, wrists, elbows, armpits, the entire length of the girdle, hips, and genital areas. In children and the elderly, the ears, scalp, face, palms and soles may also be affected.

Diagnosis; It is performed by dermoscopic examination by dermatology physicians or by microscopic evaluation of scraping taken from the skin.

Treatment; The age of the individual is planned according to the accompanying diseases.

  • As a rule, people sharing the same house in the treatment of scabies can be carriers even if they are asymptomatic, so they should be treated simultaneously with sick individuals.
  • Since it is a parasite found in the tunnels of the skin, scrubbing should be done before cream-like topical treatments.
  • It should be applied to the entire body area from the neck to the entire body except the face.
  • Clothes and bed linens that have been used for the last 1 week – 10 days should be washed. Those that cannot be washed should be ironed.
  • Those who are not suitable for washing or ironing should be kept in a bag in a cold area such as a balcony for 1 week.
  • Despite successful treatment, itching may persist for up to 6 weeks. We call it itching after scabies. If there is a decrease in your evaluation of itching, wait.
  • This picture occurs due to the long excretion of parasitic materials present in the tunnels they open in the skin.
  • My request to my patients, please do not wash carpets and sofas…