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Say goodbye to hair with laser hair removal

With the approaching summer months, the number of women who want to have laser epilation to get rid of unwanted hair and relax all summer is increasing day by day.

Summer is Coming, It’s Time to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair…

Laser hair removal is an important technology that removes unwanted hair. The laser beam passes through the skin without damaging it and reaches the pigment (color-giving substance) structure in the hair follicles. The energy absorbed by the hair root transforms into heat and destroys the root itself. Thus, the hair root is somehow removed.

Known Facts About Laser!

Getting rid of unwanted hair with laser hair removal is a long process. (False)

In these days when there is little time left for the sea season, this method, which is extremely fast, saves time by applying it to large areas in a short time. (TRUE)

Laser is not applied in summer. (False)

No special care is required before laser application. (TRUE)

The laser is only applied to people with fair skin color. (False)

The best results in laser epilation application are obtained on dark hairs on light skin color. However, with the latest technologies used, it can be applied to every skin color, including individuals with dark skin color, and successful results are obtained. (TRUE)

Epilation applications are no longer only used by women, but also by men. The most common areas of application for men are the beards on the shoulders, back, chest, neck and cheekbones. (TRUE)

What is the Advantage of Laser to Traditional Methods?

It hurts less.

More effective results are obtained in a short time.

How should the session intervals be?

It can be applied at intervals of 4-6 weeks without disturbing the growth stages of the hair. .

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