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Removal of moles with laser

Lesions called skintag, acrochordon or papilloma are popularly known as moles. However, sometimes warts are likened to skin moles. There is no risk of transformation into cancer in moles, they do not cause any complaints such as pain or itching, but those in the neck area can be traumatized by getting stuck on jewelry such as necklaces and bleed.

Its frequency may increase during pregnancy, and it is also common in conditions such as diabetes and obesity. It can also occur as a manifestation of the disease called acanthosis nigricans.

There is no harm in removing moles. It can be taken with electrocautery, cryotherapy and laser.

Local anesthesia is required when taken with electrocautery, local anesthesia is not applied with cryotherapy, but a single session may not be enough, large-stemmed lesions may leave scars.

With Fractional Lasers, it can be destroyed painlessly in a short time and in a single session without the need for anesthesia. The risk of scarring is minimal. It is a very comfortable application.