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Rejuvenate with your own cell – autologous fibroblast injection

Rejuvenation with your own cell, from one’s own cells ( taking a small biopsy from an area less exposed to sun damage, such as behind the ear) is a procedure done by replicating it in a laboratory environment and giving it back to the patient’s areas in need.

Fibroblasts are the main cells of our skin. Since the person has his own fibroblasts, there is no risk of allergy. In summary, we multiply your cells and give them to the areas you lack, think of it like planting a seed in these areas, we expect those seeds to grow there and repair them, so as you can imagine, it is a method that takes effect over time.

In Which Situations Is Fibroblast Culture Method Applied?

In the removal of all kinds of lines and wrinkles on the face.

In the rejuvenation of the skin around and under the eyes.

In the treatment of scars left by diseases such as acne and chicken pox.

In chronic wound treatments.

On the upper lip cigarette lines.

What are its advantages?

Since it is produced from your own tissue, there is no risk of allergy or side effects.

Permanence filling etc. is longer than.

It stays where it is placed, there is no risk of movement to other areas.

You can continue your work and social life as it is done.

There is no special procedure to be followed after the construction.

If desired, the cells can be kept and, for example, after 5 years, you can have a new application with today’s young cells.

**Using your own cells is a very special method to rejuvenate and get rid of some complaints.