Reinforced soft laser therapy ipl

IPL, Intense Pulsed Light, consists of the initials of its names, and as it is understood from its name, it is an intense light, such that it is a form of treatment that is as effective as laser but has less side effects than laser. This medical technology is applied to the skin through the filtered light crystal sapphire head. While it provides healing in the capillaries (with the effect of cauterizing the dysfunctional vessels), it reorganizes the pigments with the similar heating effect in the spots and provides healing.

Applying 3-4 sessions with 3-4 week intervals is the basic principle in photodamaged skin. However, local treatment can be continued in the treatment of veins and spots. At the end of this treatment, an increase in the hyaluronic acid level of the skin, that is, an increase in the jelly layer in which the cells live, thus an increase in moisture, regularity in collagen and elastic fibers and a tighter and denser skin can be achieved. In addition, there are rosacea, flushing (blushing episodes), diseases in which the skin’s defense is reduced (acne, seborrheic dermatitis) in the application areas of IPL treatment. It can be done 3 times a year.

I would like to share with you a work I have done about IPL; I measured the thickness of the skin and dermis density before and after IPL with a 22 MHz USG, known as skin ultrasonography, and my observation was very positive. I observed that the collagen fibers were placed regularly and a connective tissue (dermis) appeared dense in terms of hyaluronic acid levels. This determination is an objective indicator of the developments under the skin.

Treatment areas:

Reconstruction/bleaching of veins
Elimination/bleaching of hyperpigmentations.
Correction of fine lines in skin tissue with collagen stimulation
Regularization of skin color.
Shrinking pores.