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Regional slimming from a to z

Summer makes you look through the door, burns excess fat…

You can’t get rid of fat with sports and diet…

Get rid of the weight before summer comes…

As the summer months approach, the rush to get rid of the weight gained in the winter comes with it. Some of us complain of regional weights in the general body, some of us. We recommend that those who desire regional weakening, but are confused by the multitude of options, seek help from experts.

Regional slimming is not a weight reduction method.


The first thing to be said is that it is not basically a weight reduction method. It is the general name given to the methods used to reduce the fat accumulated in certain parts of the body.

Each individual has a different body structure. When genetic, internal and external reasons are added to this structure over the years, many of us begin to get fat and this fat is not distributed homogeneously in the body, but is stored more in certain areas. Unfortunately, these accumulated adipose tissues cannot be reduced as much as desired with sports and diet.


All of the regional slimming methods are based on the principle of removing the fat cells from that area by shrinking, breaking up or melting them. After any of these procedures, diet and exercise should be recommended to patients, as they facilitate the removal of fragmented fat cells from those areas. The success of treatment is greatly increased in patients who follow this recommendation.

Ideally, the patient with regional adiposity should shape his body with diet and sports, and the remaining fat should be applied to that area by choosing the right method with the recommendation of the specialist doctor.

Regional slimming methods have been increasing in recent years. Basically, they are grouped into 2 separate groups:

– Invasive (interventional, surgical) methods

– Non-invasive (interventional, non-surgical) methods

Interventional (surgical) methods; methods such as liposuction, laser lipolysis, mesotherapy. Non-invasive (surgical) methods are; Pressotherapy, lymph drainage massage, ozone sauna, infrared, cavitation, cryolipolysis are methods.


It is one of the newest, FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approved methods among the non-invasive methods we mentioned.

How does it work?

Custom headers are placed in the application area. The head pulls the skin and subcutaneous tissue towards itself by vacuuming, reducing the blood circulation in that area a little, and the fat tissues are immobilized. Thanks to a special technology, it cools those tissues in a controlled manner between approximately + 2 to – 8 C in a certain period of time. It also works by partially isolating other tissues to protect them and not damage them.

Fat cells (adipocytes) in the area we call subcutaneous tissue, subcutaneous tissue are very sensitive to cold, the vessels, nerves and other tissues around them are much less sensitive to cold than these fat cells. For this reason, the surrounding tissue is left intact and only the fat cells are affected.

How are fat cells destroyed?

Its main effect is based on the freezing and crystallization of fat cells with cold, the death of those cells and their gradual removal from the body through lymph and blood.

How many sessions should be applied?

It is a single session application. However, in those with excessive fat tissue, up to 3 sessions can be applied with a period of 2 months between them.

What are the results?

The first effects begin to be seen about 3 weeks after the procedure in the treated area and continue until the end of the 4th month. At the end of the 4th month, the body has taken its final form. The average narrowing varies from 2 to 15 cm, depending on the treated area and the thickness of the adipose tissue. will be between

What is the application period?

Although it varies according to the regions, it takes between 30-100 minutes on average.

To whom can it be applied?

Those who have excessive or widespread body fat and obese people are not suitable. Anyone other than this can be processed regardless of the difference between men and women.

What will be felt during and after the procedure?

The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Thanks to the special gels and covers used, only a slight coldness and coolness can be felt. For this reason, he can watch TV, read a book, work with a computer while he is in the process.

After the procedure is finished, slight redness and numbness may occur in that area. It will pass in minutes or hours. Bruising may occur in a small number of patients, but it will heal in about 1 week without leaving any traces.

The most enjoyable part is that patients can return to their daily lives immediately after the procedure.

How long are the effects permanent?

As long as people do not gain weight again and change their life habits in a healthy way, they maintain their form.


Cavitation is another non-surgical regional slimming method based on the principle of applying an ultrasound-like sound wave over the skin with a hand head, reaching the adipose tissue and breaking the fat cells by creating sudden and high pressure changes in the cells in the adipose tissue.

For what purpose is it used?

In addition to being used for regional slimming, it also gives very effective results in reducing the cosmetic problem in the skin that most of us describe as cellulite. It is also used for this purpose as it has an effect on skin tightening.

What are Success Results?

Although it varies according to the applied area and the patient’s body fat rate, a narrowing of approximately 2-8 cm and a remarkable smoothing in the appearance of cellulite can be achieved.

How many sessions should be applied?

On average, 6-10 sessions are applied per area. Generally, it starts with 2 sessions per week and continues with 1 session per week.

What do you feel in the process? Is pain felt?

There is no pain or suffering. Only patients hear a slight ringing sound in their ears. It is not an uncomfortable procedure.


Radiofrequency is another non-surgical regional slimming method. However, we use this process not only for regional slimming, but also for wrinkle treatment and cellulite treatment.

How does it work?

It is heated up to a certain temperature in a controlled manner by activating the water molecules and ions in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. This calculated temperature allows the targeted areas to be affected in the desired direction without damaging the other tissues of the person.

What is targeted?

The water level of fat cells is higher than the surrounding tissues. This is how fat cells can be melted by heating. At the end of this application, the melted fat cells are excreted through lymph and blood.

In addition, we can ensure that the tissue under the skin, which we call collagen tissue, which keeps our skin tight and wraps it like a net, is heated by radiofrequency and damaged. And our body, which realizes this damage, increases the activation of cells called fibroblasts in the connective tissue and starts to produce a new one of this tissue. This new tissue will be much more taut and tighter than the old one. In this way, a serious reduction in wrinkles will be achieved.

How is overheating prevented?

During the treatment, the skin temperature is measured with special infrared thermometers, thus preventing unwanted temperatures.

Is the same procedure done for slimming and wrinkles?

No different titles are used. It has two separate titles. one bipolar head; The cap, which can go down to about 5-6 mm and reach less deep, is used for wrinkles in the face area. The second is the monopolar head; which is usually used in the trunk as it can reach a depth of about 20-22mm deeper.

What are the session durations, numbers and treatment intervals?

Facial area application takes about 20 minutes, body applications usually take 40-60 minutes.

An average of 10 sessions are applied and 2 sessions are applied per week.

Is pain felt?

Since controlled warming is provided, the patient only feels slight heat. It does not feel pain or pain.

Is it applicable to everyone?

No. It cannot be applied to patients with Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, cancer history, pregnancy, breastfeeding, patients with pacemakers and patients with large metal prostheses.

Skin color does not matter, it is not a color sensitive device. It can even be applied to tan skin in summer.

What can happen after the procedure?

Patients come out with a slight redness and a slight burning sensation. They regress within minutes and can continue with their daily lives.


Pressotherapy is a multifunctional drainage system that activates the circulatory system, facilitates the removal of excess fluid, fat and toxins accumulated in the body, and increases the effectiveness of cellulite treatment, regional slimming and body tightening applications.

What does it do?

– It facilitates the elimination of metabolic wastes by increasing the circulation with the pressure on the lymphatics.

– By increasing the amount of oxygen in the body, it improves the circulatory system and relieves tension in the extremities.

– Facilitates cell regeneration by accelerating lymphatic and venous circulation.

– It is very effective in the recovery of body sagging, weight, varicose and edema problems, cellulite and regional thinning treatments.

Is it a painful procedure?

On the contrary, it is a relaxing and enjoyable application without creating any pain-stinging feeling during the session.

To whom can it be applied?

It can be applied to all adults, regardless of gender and age.


– A detailed dermatological examination should be made by the specialist doctor about which regional slimming method is suitable for the patient.

– If more than one method is used together, the success of the treatment will increase even more.

– Patients are recommended to have a low-fat diet starting 1 week before the procedure, to consume at least 2-2.5 liters of water daily, and to support them with sports if possible.

– After any kind of regional slimming procedure, one of the lymph drainage methods such as pressotherapy or manual massage should be applied to facilitate the removal of damaged fat cells.

– If the patient is overweight according to his body mass index, reducing his weight with the help of a dietitian and then performing regional slimming procedures will of course increase the success of the treatment.