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Refresh your skin before summer

Skin needs change with the seasons. Skin that gets used to the cold and dry weather in winter needs to apply different care methods when the weather gets hot, with the effect of the sun.

Sunlight is the most important cause of skin aging.

With the summer season, the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays more intensely. The most important cause of skin aging is sun rays. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in this regard. If it is not protected from the sun’s rays, skin spots and fine wrinkles may occur. Before going on vacation, it will be beneficial to perform moisturizing effective treatments that will strengthen the skin.

Moisturize your skin abundantly to protect from sun rays

Skin care with moisture mask and mesolifting can be applied to moisturize the skin. In these applications, there is a substance containing hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin a high level of moisture, and is injected into the face, décolleté and sun-exposed areas of the skin with very fine needles. This allows the skin to gain moisture for a long time and protects the skin against sun damage. This application should be applied every two weeks as 3-4 sessions. It is recommended to perform procedures such as dermaroller and PRP, which increase the formation of collagen fibers in the middle layer of the skin, during this period. With Botox and filler injection applications, the skin is made more vibrant and bright.

Pay attention to chemical peeling and laser applications before the holiday!

Before the holiday, applications such as chemical peeling, dermabrasion, peeling effect laser that may damage the upper surface of the skin should be avoided. After these procedures, there may be a possibility of staining on the skin. Along with the pool and the sea, hair loss and drying can occur during the holiday. For this reason, 1-2 sessions of hair mesotherapy can be applied to prepare the hair for the summer season. Worn hair after the holiday can be revived with mesotherapy.

Prevent sweating with a 15-minute botox application

One of the problems encountered with hot weather in the summer is excessive sweating. The problem of sweating in the armpits, palms and soles also affects the social life of the person. This problem can be easily solved with a 15-minute botox application. The ideal application time for this application is April and May.

Replace the moisturizer you use in winter with a moisturizer with sun protection factor.

During the holidays, sunscreen creams should be applied regularly at 3-4 hour intervals. It is necessary to take care not to be under direct sun between 11:00 and 16:00, and to stay under an umbrella outside these hours. It should also be mechanically supported by a hat, sunglasses and light-colored thin clothes. Since the skin dries out more during this period, it should be moisturized abundantly. It is also important to limit the use of make-up materials and perfumed products, as they may react with the sun and cause stain formation.

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