You are currently viewing Psodofolliculitis barba (shaving bumps)

Psodofolliculitis barba (shaving bumps)


It is a chronic disease that occurs due to shaving in the beard area in men.

It is thought that when the hair is shaved, it turns into the skin and causes inflammation.

It starts as red papules along the beard line and turns brown over time. May form hypertrophic scars.

For this reason, you should definitely get appropriate skin care and product support from your dermatologist.

The things that such patients should pay attention to while shaving are as follows:

-Do not stretch the skin

-Make sure to shave in the direction of hair growth.

-Use a sharp razor every time

-Shave by drawing short vectors, do not shave the same area more than 2 times

– If possible, even shorten your beard with an electric shaver

– In mild cases, you should take a break from beard shaving for at least 1 month. However, beard hairs should be shortened as the beard is too long, making basic care more difficult.

– Remove ingrown hairs with a sterile needle

– End your beard care with your after-shave soothing lotion or products recommended by your doctor for this purpose.

– In very severe cases, chemical depilatory products (ie hair removal agents) can be used. However, first apply it to a 4 cm2 area on the face of the forearm and observe for 48 hours. You can use it if there is no sign of irritation such as burning or stinging.

– You can use the chemical depilator most often every other day.