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Prp – platelet-rich plasma

Skin Rejuvenation with PRP

What is PRP?

PRP is the abbreviation of the treatment method called “Platelet Rich Plasma”. It is based on the return of the PRP (PRP) to the same person by injection.

What is the purpose of PRP application?

Platelets – or platelets – are blood components that contain the “growth factors” necessary for the repair of damaged tissues in our body and their return to their natural state. When any damage occurs in our tissues, our blood collects platelets in this tissue and initiates a repair process. The purpose of PRP application is to deliver a much higher number of platelets to this target tissue than can be carried by blood circulation. Thus, the repair of damaged tissue begins so quickly and strongly and results more quickly, because the density of platelets obtained with PRP is 2 to 4 times higher than that in blood.

Is the goal of PRP to provide wound healing? What is the relationship between skin rejuvenation and wound healing?

The aging of our skin is due to the loss of some physical properties, just like in the process of injury. For this reason, in practices aimed at rejuvenating our skin, we actually imitate what our body does when healing a wound with various methods. For example, with methods such as laser and peeling, we cause a slight damage to our skin with certain limits and we use this damage as a trigger to heal our skin quickly. After this damage, growth factors are released and the healing process begins. Similarly, dermocosmetic products enable substances that restructure our skin or synthetically obtained growth factors to initiate a healing process. The structure that can repair a damage to the skin in the most effective, fastest and most natural way is also a part of the whole to which the skin belongs. For this reason, plasma application has developed as a method that activates this magical power circulating in our veins.

Is it a safe practice to process the patient’s own blood and reintroduce it to the patient?

PRP application is “autologous”, that is, the platelets used are those taken from the patient himself, and the procedures such as blood collection and separation of platelets are performed with the help of a sterile and closed kit, so there is no risk of contamination from the outside. Apart from these, there is nothing added to the given platelets. Therefore, this application can be considered reliable.

How long does this treatment take? Any special conditions required?

It is an application of approximately 30 minutes in total. It is applied easily and painlessly.

When is the positive effect seen in PRP application?

Immediately after the application, a healthy glow appears on the skin. Afterwards, this shiny appearance will regress a little, but after 3 or 4 applications (ie, after applying 1 cure), a lasting effect becomes evident.

How many applications are required to achieve the full effect?

The full effect will appear in the form of a lasting glow, a recovery after a total of 3 or 4 applications, that is, after completing a cycle.

What should be the expectations from the PRP application?

It is long effective.

Revitalizes and restructures the skin in the most natural way.

It supports not only the formation of new collagen, but also all vital functions of the skin.

It removes wrinkles and lines by rejuvenating the skin, not by filling it.

After the first application, the bright healthy appearance may regress slightly after a while, for this, repeated applications should be made and the continuity of the rejuvenating effect should be ensured.