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Prp (platelet rich plasma) treatments

With PRP treatment, it is a method used to heal some diseases in the body and rejuvenate the skin with one’s own blood. PRP treatment is used in skin wrinkles, blemishes, acne and scars, skin cracks and hair loss. Applying spot treatments such as peeling and laser together with PRP accelerates the treatment process and supports better results.

PRP is the process of taking some blood from the person’s body, separating the plasma of the blood with a special process and giving it back to the person by injection. The obtained plasma is very rich in cells called “platelets”. Platelets, whose main task in the body is to ensure blood clotting, have an important role in wound healing thanks to the growth factors they contain. PRP treatment provides a completely natural rejuvenation without giving any foreign substances or drugs to the body.

PRP; It can be applied to give flexibility and shine to the skin, to prevent hair loss, to strengthen hair, to prevent wrinkles and depressions, to reconstruct the skin in wounds, cracks and skin damage, and to provide rapid restructuring of the skin after laser operations.

There are many visible changes in the aging skin due to age and environmental factors. The elasticity of the skin decreases, wrinkles increase and sagging occurs in the skin. The decrease in collagen and elastic fibers in the skin and deterioration in their structure are responsible for all of these. With antiaging PRP treatment, it is aimed to increase the production of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, thanks to the growth factors contained in the platelets. Thanks to PRP, a completely natural rejuvenation is achieved without giving any foreign substance or drug to the body with 3-4 sessions of application at 2-4 week intervals. From the first sessions, patients notice improvement in the dry and dull appearance of the skin. With the following applications, a reduction in wrinkles and an increase in the elasticity of the skin are observed. PRP doesn’t just help alleviate the signs of aging. It also slows down the aging process. For this reason, it is a method that every adult who wants to slow down the aging process without waiting for signs of aging can apply.

Successful results are also obtained in hair loss with PRP. Hair treatment with PRP is applied every 15 days on average and usually takes 3-4 months. Afterwards, it will be sufficient to repeat the application 1-2 times a year. After the treatment, the existing hair gets stronger and new hair growth is observed. The most important advantage of this method is that the special plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood and does not carry the risk of allergy. PRP can be applied in combination with mesotherapy according to the needs of the person.

In the area where the PRP treatment is applied, there may be small swellings, pain and bruising in the places where the injection stings. In order not to cause an infection, care should be taken in the hygiene of the treatment area. However, these side effects are not very common and do not cause any allergic reaction. PRP treatment is not applied to those who use blood thinners, those with a history of cancer, those with various blood diseases, those who have an infection in the area where PRP will be performed, and women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

It is recommended not to touch the application area after PRP treatment, not to take a bath for one day after the application, and to protect from the sun on the day of application.