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Prp (platelet rich plasma)

Platelet is the plasma part rich in blood cells called thrombocyte. Cause thrombocyte; because these cells play a leading role in tissue repair. As a result of an injury, these cells migrate to that region and leave all reparative factors, especially growth factor, to the environment, allowing stem cells to be collected in this region. What use are these repairing, reparative and even regenerative factors for us in dermatology? It is used in some treatments for hair loss and skin. All the factors that complicate our work while the biological aging process continues; smoking, stress, alcohol use, environmental factors and also our genetic makeup. All these negatively affect metabolism, impair circulation and impair the transportation of these cells to the problem area.

Conclusion; hair loss, thinning, thinning, shedding, loss of elasticity in the skin, wrinkles, irregular toning, color changes, sagging. By separating and collecting these cells, which are already present in our blood, and giving them to the problem area, we not only remove the possible risk of allergy in the most natural way, but also do a purposeful job. Approximately 10 cc of blood taken from the person is separated by centrifugation in special tubes, and the golden liquid obtained is given to the desired area by either napping or injection technique.
The physician determines the treatment program; the age of the person, the problem, how long this problem has existed, and the application area and technique…
It can not be applied to people with platelet disease or low number of platelets and cancer patients, but it can be done to everyone.

It is recommended not to wash the application area for 4-6 hours after the application, not to apply make-up for at least 12 hours after the application, and not to swim in the pool or sea.