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Prp applications

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is one of the most natural ways of rejuvenation. Our skin, which is worn out due to many factors such as sun rays, smoking, pregnancy, stressful life and unbalanced diet, regains the lost structures thanks to PRP treatment. It can be used in a wide variety of body areas and is completely natural because it is a treatment made using the patient’s own blood; It is a useful treatment method that stimulates repair mechanisms.

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

PRP treatment is performed using as little as 10cc of blood taken from your arm by the physician. This blood taken is rotated at high speed (3000) in the centrifuge device for 9-10 minutes. At the end, it is made by obtaining the plasma part rich in blood cells, which we call platelets, and growth factors, which we call GF. This plasma is injected into the needed skin parts by means of very fine-tipped needles. Thus, the increase of collagen and elastin, which are the main structures that make up our skin, is triggered in the most natural way.

In Which Situations Is PRP Used?

stained areas,

acne scars,

Areas with sagging and wrinkles,

crack treatment,

Hair loss.

In Which Regions Can PRP Be Applied?

The entire face, including under the eyes

neck and décolleté area,

hair roots,


basin area,

On hand.

Number of Sessions

Although it varies from person to person and type of treatment, success is achieved between 3-6 sessions on average.

Session Duration and Session Intervals

The duration of the PRP session is 30-40 minutes depending on the size of the area. in progress. Although it varies from person to person, the sessions are held at 2-3 week intervals. Afterwards, sessions are repeated every 7-8 months as supportive treatment.

Post-Treatment Warnings

There is no situation that requires the patient to rest after the treatment. The patient can continue his normal daily life. Sunbathing and solarium should be avoided during PRP treatment. After the skin sensitivity and bruises heal at the end of the treatment course, it is okay for the patient to sunbathe.