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Power plate is a vibration-based device, which is described as a revolution all over the world with its ability to be used for sports, health, beauty, physical therapy and antiaging purposes. It is effective in tightening the tissues, reducing cellulite and getting the muscles relaxed especially after childbirth into shape. By applying a strong vibration to the whole body, it increases the gravitational force approximately 4 times. The physical vibration produced by the Power Plate is transferred to the muscles as energy. There are involuntary contractions in the muscles that follow each other, such that the muscles contract and relax 30-50 times per second. These movements in the muscles cause the tendons to stretch. This contraction allows even the intra-abdominal muscles, which are described as deep muscles, and the muscles surrounding the spinal cord to contract. Muscles get stronger in a short time by working deeply. Over time, the tissues tighten, cellulite decreases, and especially the muscles that relax after childbirth get in shape.

How is it applied?

All you need to do to use the Power Plate, which is suitable for people of all ages, is to climb on it and do the exercises shown by the trainer. These are standard movements or movements that are tailored to the individual with the trainer. Since it works with a passive system, the person does not have much work, only a certain weight is felt on the body and muscles. The most important feature of the device is that it does not tire the heart excessively.

Is it suitable for obesity treatment?

Exercise is essential for dieters. Power Plate exercises are ideal for those who do not have the habit of exercising and who cannot continue to exercise. This is especially recommended for patients undergoing obesity treatment. The aim is primarily to help patients with weight problems. Power Plate exercises give good results for people of normal weight who have regional lubrication problems and cellulite complaints.

How long is the session?

Sessions only last 10-15 minutes. 10-15 minutes of work with Power Plate and its repetition 3 times a week are sufficient to achieve the desired results. One of the best aspects of Power Plate is that it is easy to apply and it works the desired muscle group without wearing any special clothes. If desired, even between lunch breaks, you can spare 10-15 minutes, and without sweating, you can work out, which corresponds to approximately 1.5 hours of exercise. In addition, in patients with weight problems, very good results are obtained when regular Power Plate application is made with a balanced diet. In those with regional problems, approximately 5-7 cm thinning is achieved at the end of 7-9 sessions.

What are the effects?

Increases metabolism:Power Plate, by regulating the main metabolism, subcutaneous fat

reduces the layer.

Increases muscle strength:While working with Power Plate, the muscles in the working area work and develop with an efficiency close to 100%.

Cellulite and cosmetic benefits:Massage-enabled exercises with Power Plate

It helps to reduce the fat tissue under it, to break down the fat cells, to have a tighter and healthier tissue.

Reduces pain:On the one hand, the acceleration of blood circulation, on the other hand, involuntary contractions

As a result, the pain felt due to additional and frequent stimuli to the nerves decreases. Because the tension in the muscles during the Power Plate training reduces other stresses that cause pain in the body.

Increases flexibility:Body circulatory system with the implementation of improved exercise programs

These areas are heated and flexibility in muscles and tendons is increased.

Improves fitness:Power Plate creates “explosive power” in the muscles,

makes it stronger. This allows for increased whole-body performance without putting excessive strain on the heart and joints.

Regulates and accelerates circulation:During the Power Plate workout, the muscles are 30-50 per second.

It causes the blood to be pumped 30-50 times even to the smallest capillaries by contracting once.

Improves body harmony:Power Plate provides coordination between intramuscular and muscle.

provides simultaneous stimulation of all receptors. Thus, the coordination ability and harmony of the body increases.

Increases bone density:Power Plate supports the development and strengthening of bone tissue.

provides. In scientific studies, it has been observed that there are significant increases in the mineral density in the bone after the Power Plate application. Power Plate offers an effective mechanism for osteoporosis, especially seen in women. The use of Power Plate before the menopause period will reduce the rate of bone resorption that can be seen in the future.

Who is not suitable for this?

Those who carry implants and prostheses in their bodies, those with pacemakers, those who have undergone brain surgery, epilepsy

Diseases, coagulation disorders and pregnant women should definitely not use this device.