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Port wine stain treatment

Birthmark (Wine stain) is a vascular anomaly seen in 0.3% of newborns. These spots, which are generally present at birth, tend to grow in coordination with the skin as age progresses. The most common site is the face and neck, and it is more pink and light in color at early ages. As the age progresses, the color darkens and the layer thickens. Vein anomalies in the form of wine stains do not regress spontaneously. Apart from the more purple and dark color over the age of 40, vein balls (angioma) begin to form on it due to vascular accumulation and their number begins to increase.

The thing to remember for wine stains is that these stains can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg. When there are similar vascular anomalies in the brain, it should be carefully examined for Sturge Weber Syndrome.

Today, Copper bromide lasers (Dual Yellow Laser), Pulse Dye lasers, Frequency-doped Nd:Yag lasers are used in the treatment of wine stains.

If the treatment is carried out at an early age, the effectiveness is achieved in a shorter time. Fewer sessions are applied.

I have been using Dual Yellow Laser for treatment in my clinic for years. Session intervals are usually determined as once a month. Edema may occur in the first few days after laser treatment. In the first 2 weeks, darkening in color, brown-purple color can be seen. However, as the hemoglobin is excreted from the skin, the color becomes lighter. Although the number of sessions varies according to the person, it is done between 5-20 sessions.

The small and thinner lesion, the application of the procedure at an earlier age are factors that reduce the number of sessions. It should be known that the way of treatment is in the form of lightening in color, starting from thin areas, rather than sudden whitening in one area.

Sequential treatment is important when starting treatment. Angiomas on it are treated with another mode during treatment. After the session, there may be bleeding where these vein balls are.

Port wine stain treatment should be performed by specialist physicians with high clinical experience. Since there is a risk of burns, scars and scars and tissue loss during the treatment, it is important to care for the wound after the procedure and to be performed by specialist physicians who can treat such complications.