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It is done by applying different chemicals to the skin with certain techniques in order to remove the damage done by the sun after the summer, to treat the damage left after the acne treatment, to remove the stains that occur in various forms on the skin, and to rejuvenate the skin. It can be applied not only to the face but also to any part of the body that has spots. Contrary to the existing understanding, peeling can be done in any season of the year if the rules are fully followed.

Peelings vary widely according to the applied substance concentrations, the contents of the applied substances and the depth of application. Generally, deep peelings are applied in a single session and require serious experience. Superficial peelings can be applied up to four to ten sessions at intervals of two to four weeks. There are also those that are applied as a supplement to the treatment during acne treatment. You can find out which peeling is suitable for you only by having a dermatologist examine the depth of the spots, especially in the presence of wood light. Peeling is not a simple bleaching process as it is customary and intense. In inexperienced hands, on the contrary, your spots may appear by multiplying and changing places after the procedure. We call this pigment shift; Unfortunately, it is very common for the above reasons.