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Ozone therapy!

Ozone therapy is the most powerful treatment known to provide tissues and cells with the oxygen they need in the most effective way and eliminate toxins. We all know that; Just breathing no longer provides enough oxygen to our body. Our bodies are constantly polluted by toxins in our air, water and food. The amount of oxygen in our cities is well below 21% and continues to decline. When conditions such as smoking, stress, sedentary life, and unhealthy diet are added, the accumulation of toxins and oxygen deficiency increase in our body. This paves the way for chronic fatigue, premature aging, diseases and cancer. We may have to do more than breathing to ensure adequate oxygenation. Thanks to the unique miracle of ozone therapy, you can completely get rid of stress and increase your performance.

To summarize; Ozone therapy is a real treasure in terms of health and aesthetics.

Ozone steam cabin and its effect

These are special saunas made for single use. It is a small chamber with a lid so that the whole body of the patient, except for the head, is inside. Ozone is given with hot steam. Ozone in contact with the skin is absorbed through the pores of the skin. The ozone to be used for this purpose can be obtained from pure oxygen, or it can be obtained from the ambient air we breathe and applied as an ozone air mixture. It is a treatment that takes about 15-20 minutes. This treatment makes the patient lose about 400 – 500 kcal of energy. For this reason, a need for rest for a while may arise after the application. It is not recommended to take a shower after the treatment. After drying and wearing daily clothes, normal life can be resumed.
Ozone therapy accelerates healing in the body, destroys microorganisms and toxins that cause diseases. Thus, it can help the body get rid of toxins.

Benefits of ozone sauna therapy

” It relaxes and releases the muscles by reducing the production of lactic acid.
” It oxidizes toxins and allows them to be easily eliminated.
” Accelerates blood circulation, helps to repair damaged muscles more easily.
” It relieves pain by stimulating peripheral blood circulation pathways vasodilation.

” Cleanses, softens and rejuvenates the skin.
” Normalizes cellular respiration.
” Helps against chronic fatigue and environmental diseases.
“Stimulates the immune system.