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My dear readers, as a physician, I try to inform you as often as possible, if not every week, in terms of skin diseases and health with my articles. However, work becomes a bit of a serious situation when it comes to sickness. Therefore, when I follow my friends in this newspaper, I realize that my career as a writer is being interrupted a little. I feel a bit blocked when I think of diseases, sometimes I don’t know if I should explain it in general or in detail. For this reason, I will try to share with you the problems related to skin, which are more common in our current lives, in my articles after today. On my Facebook page, I asked my followers to convey to me the problems they are curious about in daily life and about my expertise. I think we can do something more useful in this regard.

You know, there are many health-related sites on the internet. Many of us now use the internet easily in our lives and reach the information we want. However, most of this information is not sufficient and is not filtered. That’s why our people try to solve their personal problems by contacting us one-on-one over the internet. I know very well that my colleagues, who are experts in the field of Skin and Venereal diseases, are in the same situation as me.

While we physicians are having such a hard time writing about diseases, I am sure that if we collect patient dialogues in a book called “Our Memories” within the framework of the Hippocratic oath, I’m sure we can produce an encyclopedia. Today, I would like to talk to you about the wrong perspectives in these questions rather than these dialogues.

For example, some patients ask online; My teacher used a herbal cream, it was a panacea, he wrote on the internet, I bought it. But it made my face red and blotchy. What should I do ? Oh my doctor, come!

First of all, NEVER use any product to be applied to your face for therapeutic purposes without your specialist physician’s determination of your skin type and problem. In addition, it is very important whether the products used for treatment will be used in the daytime or evening, whether they are sun sensitive or not, and in which season they will be used. Oh, by the way, in my opinion, if there was a medicine invention that is a panacea, believe me, companies that do such R&D studies would definitely be aware of it.

If you were to ask whether he is a coward who knows much or knows little, of course, I would say he knows a lot. Unfortunately, uncontrolled sales psychology in Turkey has started to harm our people and let’s give a small message to the authorities here. Uncontrolled right, unfortunately, brutally exploits the rights of others.

One of the frequently asked questions comes from the young age group. Many young people who say they have acne and scars, unfortunately, do not know how to wash their face with water-based products in the morning and evening. Maybe I can talk about this once in my articles. Skin cleansing is the most important thing for the skin in young adolescents who also have acne problems. To prevent them from turning into scars, for the scars to regress more quickly, for the skin not to become oily, moisturizing with suitable products is the second most important thing. Step 3 is sun protection with suitable products. In the meantime, I would like to give a small message to my colleagues at the dermato-cosmetic pharmacies selling sunscreen or the stores selling cosmetic products. Please give the products suitable for the skin type and problem of the patients. If you do not have this knowledge and experience, please consult an expert.

A patient asks again from the internet. Sir, I had a suspicious relationship. Could I have AIDS, sir?, another one applied to a specialist doctor and many examinations and follow-up tests were also done, but he still asks, My teacher is negative, but is there a possibility that I have AIDS afterward? Of course, the fact that such questions come over the internet is an indicator of how shy people are on this issue. However, my colleagues also agree that the number of people who have suspicious sexual intercourse is unfortunately not low in Turkey.

First of all, we need to clarify one thing. If there is the idea of ​​SUSPECT at the beginning of the concept of sexual intercourse, please be PROTECTIVE for yourself. The methods for this are already well known. In addition, keep in mind that many diseases, not only AIDS, can be transmitted sexually after a suspicious relationship. The clinical findings of AIDS disease after HIV positivity require a process. However, when you have syphilis or other bacterial infections, your complaints begin immediately. If you also have another partner, never forget that he or she will also infect. Types of genital warts transmitted to women are among the causes of cancer today. Unfortunately, a disease carried by a pregnant mother can result in a disabled baby or miscarriage. In conclusion, PLEASE REMEMBER that the word Suspect concerns not only you but also your loved ones !!!

Today, I tried to give you information on the issues that interest you more, with spot information and a little bit of my writing skills. Frankly, it was an article that flowed through me without difficulty. Hope it was useful, sir, stay safe.