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Non-surgical skin stretching and rejuvenation with thread

In the face and body thread lift process, a significant tension is achieved in many parts of the body such as the face, neck, abdomen, legs and arms by using special surgical threads that are absorbed from the skin. The most important feature of these procedures is that they are quite safe, effective, permanent and practical. As a result, the skin becomes brighter, brighter and firmer, resulting in rejuvenation.

These thread rejuvenation applications made with today’s advanced techniques can be seen as an effective and powerful alternative to surgical applications.


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Although there are many different techniques of skin tightening with thread, the basic principle of the application is the stretching of the soft tissues in the application area with polydioxanone (PDO) type special threads, which are described as awn or straight.

Before starting the skin tightening procedure, the patient’s face or other application area is cleaned and a cream that provides regional anesthesia is applied. The specialist physician determines the number and direction of the threads to be applied to this area specifically for the needs of the person and makes a detailed planning. In accordance with this scheme, threads placed in fine-tipped needles or cannulas are placed in the deep layers of the skin in predetermined areas. Thanks to these special threads placed on the skin, a significant tension and rejuvenation is achieved.

In the thread lift application, the body responds positively to these special threads placed on the patient’s face. In this way, the production of fibroblasts, which is extremely important for the skin, is triggered and an intense increase in collagen substance is obtained in the skin. This situation also increases the targeted lifting and antiaging effect in the thread lift application.

Effect duration

The effects of skin tightening with thread can be seen immediately after the application. After the application, the effect gradually increases as time progresses, the full effect occurs within a few months and lasts for at least two years.

Application locations

whole face


jowl and neck

arm and leg

your wife

After application

After the thread lift treatment, the person can return to his daily life immediately. After the application, slight swelling and bruising can be seen on the face, but this situation disappears after a short time.

For 20 days after the application, it is necessary to avoid applying pressure to the face area, rubbing, harshly scratching, and sleeping on the face.