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Non-surgical facelift (hifu, focus ultrasound)

With HIFU (Fractional High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology, focused sound waves are sent to the subcutaneous tissues and collagen production is stimulated. In this way, a high-efficiency skin tightening and lifting effect is seen. Focus Ultrasound uses the method of natural healing of the skin. Non-surgical facelift provides eyebrow lifting, tightening and toning. It is a non-surgical rejuvenating method for the face, neck and chest. Focus Ultrasound is a brand new FDA-approved technology that can solve the face lift operation that laser technologies cannot solve, which can only be achieved with surgical operations, without injection, without the need for a healing process, without risk. Focus Ultrasound stimulates the skin and subcutaneous layers, unlike surgery and other methods, it does not cause bruises on the skin.

The process takes between 30-45 minutes. The best part of the treatment is that it uses the body’s own healing mechanism to gently and slowly renew the skin and underlying tissues. Non-Surgical Face Lift does not require any special preparation. After the treatment, the person can continue his daily life as if nothing had happened and return to social life immediately without the need for any postponement or leave in business life. With Focus Ultrasound, the procedure is performed painlessly and comfortably, and the beautiful image on the skin continues for a long time.

To get an effective result, it is enough to apply 3 sessions with 2 weeks intervals. Although the person sees the effect immediately after the procedure, the main effect occurs 40 days after the procedure. Newly formed collagen supplement occurs during this time. Although Focus Ultrasound does not replace surgery, non-surgical facelift is a good alternative for those who are not yet ready for surgical intervention.

Who is Focus Ultrasound for?

Generally, it is a suitable treatment option for people over the age of 30 with sagging and wrinkled skin prone to softening.

In Which Situations Is Focus Ultrasound Applied?

Skin tightening and rejuvenation

In sagging cheeks

In shaping the face oval

Elimination of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead

In eyebrow lifting

In eliminating the jowl

For removing wrinkles in the upper lip area

In breast recovery

It is applied in situations that require collagen stimulation.

In which areas is Focus Ultrasound applied?

The application is used for tightening and recovery in the body cap, knees, hips, arms and belly area, except for the entire face, jowl and neck area.