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Non-surgical face lift!!

Summer is the season when the sun’s rays come into contact with our skin the most. It is now a known fact that sun rays not only have beneficial effects such as vitamin D synthesis, but also accelerate the aging process. For this reason, if we start the treatment of the loss of elasticity in our connective tissue due to the effect of the sun’s rays after the summer, we can enter the autumn in a healthier way.

Today, the demand for rejuvenation procedures performed without surgery has increased considerably. The reasons for this include the laboriousness of the operation process, the necessity of anesthesia, and the fact that it takes time to return to social life after the operation. Now, with the development of technology, rejuvenation procedures performed without the need for surgery have also diversified. The procedures that can be done in this regard can be selected according to the nature of the person’s tissue and the skin type of the person.

Especially after exposure to intense sun rays in summer, with the effect of genetic factors, smoking and unhealthy diet, various free radical damage, collagen fibers and elastic fibers that make up our connective tissue weaken and loosen. These effects are reflected on our skin, especially on the cheeks, eyelids, the line extending from the nose edge to the lip and sagging in the neck area. This image makes the person look older than their age. Especially if sagging is caught in the initial stage and the right treatments are applied; sags are prevented before they progress. For this reason, especially after the summer season, face lift with the recovery of the connective tissue is a very useful treatment method.

Radiofrequency treatments are one of the most frequently used methods among non-surgical face lift procedures. There are many types of radiofrequency treatments. When radiofrequency energy is given to the skin, it turns into heat. The heat causes the bonds formed between the collagen bands to break, which causes the collagen bands to loosen. It also stimulates new collagen and elastic tissue synthesis. In this way, tightening of the connective tissue and recovery of the loosened skin tissue occur.

In the previous years, high doses of radiofrequency energy were applied to provide tightening. While the effect was increasing in this way, the procedure was painful due to the high energy. In recent years, radiofrequency energy has been kept at lower doses and its effect has been increased with combination treatments. In this way, radiofrequency treatment is not painful and its effect becomes more visible thanks to combination therapy. In recent years, the most preferred combination treatment option has been the combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound energy. In this way, radiofrequency is effective by transforming into heat under the skin; It is effective in the connective tissue with the mechanical effect created by ultrasound sound waves. Radiofrequency and ultrasound combination therapy, which is frequently applied today and also called satin face lift, is one of the most effective methods among non-surgical face lift procedures.

Advantages of non-surgical facelift procedure:

No need for anesthesia

No need for any rest or leave from work after the procedure

Ability to resume social life immediately

to be painless

Long duration of effect

No complications after application

The application can be counted as being very easy.

Non-surgical facelift procedures have become one of the most preferred methods because they are effective without impairing the quality of life. Non-surgical face lift treatment is the treatment method that should be chosen especially in order to get rid of the signs of aging caused by the summer season and the sun on the face, without breaking away from social life.