Non-surgical breast aesthetics

Breast augmentation with filler, namely Aquafilling, is a great revolution achieved by the medical world. This practice has radically changed beliefs about implants. Aquafilling is a hydrophilic gel that provides a non-invasive and non-surgical way to make breast tissues look more attractive and natural. This gel is injected into the breasts; The result is large and erect breasts. Those who are uncomfortable with breast volume or shape can have Aquafilling application.

Advantages of breast augmentation with Aquafilling:

Since 98% of this filler injected into the breast consists of water, the naturalness and softness of the breast tissues are not damaged. Sensory sensitivity is also fully preserved.

Provides long lasting effect. The permanence period is between 5 and 8 years.

Since it is a completely natural filler, it is not rejected by the body and no side effects are observed after the procedure.

Since it is not a surgical procedure, the breast is not exposed to trauma. Patients can return to their daily lives shortly after the procedure. You can go to work or travel the next day.

After the application, there is no scar on the breast as in the silicone surgery. The filler is injected into the breast through the hole opened just as much as the needle tip, and the holes are closed with a band-aid after the procedure.

Aquafilling application is a completely painless application. Before starting the procedure, the breasts are locally anesthetized.

Breast augmentation with Aquafilling takes a very short time. It is possible to have new breasts within 30-40 minutes.

Another advantage of this application is that as a result of the procedure, a breast shape that you do not want or surprises you will not appear. During the application, you can express your ideas by looking at your breasts in the mirror.

Aquafilling application gives great results in those with small breasts. As a result of the application in these patients, both non-surgical breast augmentation and non-surgical breast lift are provided.

Aquafilling Filling Content

Aquafilling is a hydrophilic gel containing 0.9% physiological NaCloride solution embedded in a synthetic linear polyamide matrix with a three-dimensional molecular structure. Aquafilling is fully compatible with human tissues. 98% of its composition is water. It breaks down slowly and provides a high safety, long lasting effect. It provides long-term flexibility and volume increase in tissues by attracting the negative charges of collagen and elastin with the hydrogen bonds in its structure.

Must-Read Research

Most of us have a prejudice. Is it breast augmentation without surgery? But after reading the article above, we are sure that even if you do not decide to have this application, you are at least asking yourself the following question: Is it good to have silicone implants or breast augmentation with this method?

In 2004, 112 patients underwent breast augmentation with the Aquafilling method, and statistics were kept in constant communication with these patients. No complications were observed in 95% of the patients during the eight-year follow-up period. In the other small group of patients, complications such as lack of hygiene and inadequacy of massage were encountered.

As a result of the research, very positive results were observed in terms of permanence. All patients maintained their satisfaction with the aesthetic effect from the fifth to the eighth year. In some cases, additional procedures were performed on Aquafilling breast augmentation after a five-year period.

Sometimes the question comes. Does Aquafilling have any harm? Let’s answer this question with an objective research result. Again in 2004, different patients underwent breast aesthetics with different methods. Three years later, the following conclusions were reached. While 30% of the patients wanted reoperation after silicone surgery, none of the Aquafilling patients made this request. While 15% of silicone patients complained of breast pain, only 1% of Aquafilling patients complained. Complaints such as asymmetry, wrinkling of the implant, loss of nipple sensation are also complaints that only belong to silicone breast surgery.