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Most wrinkles and blemishes are the result of the sun

All experts, with increasing sensitivity, warn us against the sun. While we hope to be more beautiful by tanning under the sun, we also open all doors to skin aging. In the short term, we may feel good about being brown, but in the medium and long term, it will cause big problems for us. Because the sun is no joke! The sun threatens all our health, youth and beauty. We don’t need to be a scholar to understand this.

A simple observation is enough to realize the truth. Where are our places with the most sun? Undoubtedly, our face, neck, décolleté, arms and hands. These are the places where we age the fastest. Wrinkles, lines, spots are always problems specific to our face. We do not talk about wrinkles and spots on the parts of our body that are not exposed to the sun. Because it doesn’t exist! Yes, our hips, stomach, butt, legs, breasts can also worry us, but not in terms of their skin. There, we try to deal with fat tissue, muscles, edema, cellulite or blood circulation problems such as varicose veins. Wrinkles and spots, on the other hand, are the works of the sun. Be sure, the majority of the procedures that occupy beauty salons and aesthetic centers are related to sun damage.

* Sunbathing means weakening the immune system and inviting all diseases. I’m not talking about how fast skin cancers are increasing because I’m dealing with the issue in terms of beauty today. Undoubtedly, they are the most dangerous consequences of the sun’s rays. A person tries not to think of such things unless they happen to him, but the truth does not change.

We can count many reasons that lead to aging of the skin, but these are generally gathered in two groups.

§ The first is internal aging, which develops in the natural course of the organism.
§ The second one is aging caused by external factors. Smoking, unbalanced diet, insomnia etc. like. The first of these is the destructive effects of the sun’s rays.

80% of the negative changes in our skin are sun damage. Most of the deep wrinkles that appear at the age of 50 are the results of the sun rays we are exposed to in our 20s.

The skins that age in their natural course do not lose their softness and their wrinkles are in the form of light, fine lines. The skin of people who sunbathe too much, on the other hand, thickens, hardens and wrinkle lines deepen over time. Because sun rays disrupt the natural structure that keeps the skin tight, flexible and smooth. Some of the fibers that provide tension and tightness to the skin degenerate, and some disappear. This leaves the skin without support. The skin begins to take on a leathery appearance and signs of photo-aging occur.

“Photo-aging” is the name given to sun-induced aging, not age. As we see in many art photos, the face is almost grooved and layered. This is typically seen in peasants, fishermen and sailors who have worked their way up in the sun all their lives. But if they do not take precautions, the fate of those who like to sunbathe on the beach for hours will unfortunately not be different.

Results of Photo-Aging:

Ø At a young age, deep lines begin to form on the face.
Ø The skin loses its moisture.
Ø The skin surface becomes rough, the color loses its homogeneity
Ø The skin color changes to an ashy yellow, becomes dull and dull.
Ø The skin thickens and acquires a leathery texture
Ø Visible pores are formed, black spots increase
Ø The skin starts to turn purple at the slightest irritation
Ø Capillaries on the face appear like a spider web on the surface
Ø Freckles and age spots occur: Brown (hyperpigmentation) or white (hypopigmentation) spots.
Ø On the skin, rashes and swellings occur, which may carry the risk of cancer in the future;
Ø Skin degenerations such as actinic keratosis, basal cell epithelioma and squamous cell carcinomas occur.
Ø The biggest danger is skin cancers!
Factors that degenerate the natural aging process

Some factors make people and their resistance to life vulnerable:

§ Sunlight
§ Cigaret
§ Air pollution
§ Malnutrition
§ Alcohol consumption
§ Stress
§ Hard soaps, detergents and some cosmetics
§ Sleep disorders and laying style
§ Mimics



The sun breaks down the oil in the skin and eats away the collagen!
The result is premature aging.

The most important of the numerous external factors that wear the skin prematurely.
are sun rays.

The sun multiplies free radicals that, in a way, eat away at cells and
activates. It also produces an enzyme that breaks down oil in skin cells.
The name of this enzyme is “arachidonic acid”. increased by the sun
free radicals turn into “transciption” factors and enter the center of the cells,
They damage the activity of DNA. created by ultraviolet light from the sun.
All these factors and enzymes begin to exploit the collagen in the skin. some science
Men call this condition micro-injury. By combining these
deep wrinkles occur.


Ø The sun increases free radicals.
Ø Free radicals activate molecules called transcription factors.
Ø Transciption factors reach the center of the nucleus (nucleus) cell located in the center of the cells.
Ø These factors, reaching the nucleus, force the DNA to produce different chemicals.
Ø For example, chemicals such as NFk-B cause inflammation and accelerate the aging process.
Ø Transciption factors activated by ultra violet light are transformed into AP1.
Ø AP1 starts to produce enzymes that digest collagen in the skin.
Ø As a result of all these, micro-injuries occur in the collagen tissue.
Ø Micro-injuries combine to form deep wrinkles.

As explained in more detail in the chapter of our book, “Bronze Passion”, these effects include thickening of the skin, age spots, freckles, loss of color cells, ecchymoses, cracked capillaries, and the risk of skin cancer.

Better yet, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun. Do not visit the beaches between 10 and 15 o’clock. Enjoy swimming in the sea early in the morning or in the evening. Do yourself a favor by applying lots of sunscreen, though. Believe me, a good sunscreen with a high protection factor (SPF) is better for your skin than the most expensive moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream. A UV-filtered sunglasses with dark glasses both protects your eyes from the danger of cataracts and is more effective than all detention creams.

If you want to tan, take advantage of advanced solariums or skin-tinting creams. For the sake of one season of tan and attractiveness, do not spoil the next years for yourself.
I hope I haven’t spoiled your taste. But patients who are in their thirties and whose faces are wrinkled and filled with spots make me very sad. Believe me, I love the sun too, but on these privileged days when the sun sets after 8 pm, it is both safer and more enjoyable to spend the afternoon at home and enjoy the sunset at the beach.

Next week, I’ll write about how you can tan without threatening your health.

Bye now,