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Moles & follow-ups

Moles are formations in various shades of brown at the skin level or raised from the skin, varying in size from a few millimeters to a few cm, and can be round, oval or irregular.

When Are Moles Dangerous?

Many moles can show various changes over many years. In adolescence, pregnancy, after the sun, their color may darken or their number may increase. The point to be noted is that these changes occur gradually under certain conditions or over long years. Sudden changes in moles (Color Change, Bleeding, Itching, Growth) are important, they should be evaluated by a dermatologist.

Does the Number of Moles Matter?

A high number of moles (40-50 or more) indicates an increased risk.

Are Congenital Moles Dangerous?

Some moles are present on our skin at the time of birth. These moles also have a slightly higher risk of developing skin cancer than ordinary moles.

Can Suspicious Moles Be Detected by Self-Examination?

Suspicious moles can be detected by self-examination. For this, it is important to know what to pay attention to when checking the spots or moles on our skin. These are roughly changes in color, shape, border, diameter, bleeding and crusting in moles.

Is It Possible to Define Conclusively Whether Moles Are Risky, Normal Or Cancerous?

Whether any mole is at risk or whether it carries a risk of melanoma is possible with naked eye examination, computerized mole examination and, if necessary, pathological examination.

Is It True That Removing Moles Causes Cancer?

It has been proven medically that cutting out moles harms the patient.

On the contrary, not removing a risky mole or a mole in which cancer changes have started can have very important damages such as being late in diagnosis and treatment.

What Kind of Procedure Is the Me Inspection?

I examination is a normal dermatological examination and examination with devices called dermoscopes. Dermoscopy procedure is performed with hand microscopes or computer aided devices that provide imaging and evaluation in digital environment. This examination is available in our clinic.