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mole treatment with laser

What is I (Nevus)?

Moles (nevi) are spots that form on our skin. It can be congenital or can occur later due to the sun. These spots, which are usually round in shape, are often brown or black in color. They may be at the skin level or raised from the skin.

It is normal for every person to have about 20 moles. These moles should be followed by dermatologists according to their size, swelling from the skin, color and behavior patterns. Harmless moles can be treated with laser for aesthetic purposes. Some moles can turn into skin cancer later on. Therefore, it is important to be diagnosed and treated by a dermatologist.

Treatment of Moles

I can be removed surgically.

It can be treated by freezing with cryotherapy method.

Cauterization (burning) can be done.

It can be treated with laser applications.

With laser treatment, the cells located under the skin are destroyed by evaporation with heat. The biggest advantage of the laser is that the surrounding tissue is less damaged. The crusting that occurs after the procedure heals in a week.

Usually one session is sufficient. Before the procedure, that area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Thus, a painless treatment is carried out.

Among the public, mole removal is considered to be a risky procedure. This is a wrong thought. Before the procedure, the dermatologist evaluates your moles with a magnifying glass called a dermoscope. Performs risk analysis and decides on the treatment to be done.

What are the Prices of Removal of Me with Laser?

Laser mole treatment prices vary according to the size and number of moles to be taken. You can get information by calling our clinic for price information and an appointment.