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One of the most effective treatments for cellulite is mesotherapy. It was first introduced in 1952 by Dr. Administered by Michel Pistor, it was accepted as part of traditional medicine by the French Academy of Medicine in 1987. Mesotherapy means middle skin treatment. The aim of the treatment is to regulate the blood and lymph circulation, to ensure the breakdown of excess fat, thus to eliminate the cellulite tissue.

It is the injection of therapeutic vitamins, antioxidants and substances with circulatory strengthening effects into the mesoderm layer of the skin with the help of special needles of 2 or 4 mm and an injector. These substances pass into the capillary tip circulation and act directly on the area. Various drug mixtures, which vary according to the indication, are injected under the skin within 5-10 minutes.

The frequency and duration of the sessions are determined according to the type of cellulite and the location. At the end of 8-12 sessions, 1-2 sizes will be thinned, the skin will gain a flexible and smooth appearance. Treatment is supported by diet, exercise, and LPG to burn the broken down fat.