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Mesotherapy – mesolift

Mesolift literally means skin stretching. With the Mesolift method, it can be applied to the skin damaged by smoking and alcohol, as well as removing the effects of aging on the face, neck, décolleté and back of the hands. The healing effect is very evident in middle-aged and older people, smokers, exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, worn and neglected skin, people who do not pay attention to their nutrition, and people who have complaints such as dryness or sagging. In addition, regular application of mesolift before the effects of wear and tear on the skin begin, and before wrinkles and lines form, makes the skin look younger, lively and healthy.

The application of anti-aging minerals, vitamins and some structural elements to the body through mesotherapy, especially to the areas where aging is most evident, rather than systemic way, will both increase the effectiveness of the applied drugs in the area where it is needed and prevent other organs from getting tired unnecessarily.

In the first stage of the treatment, after a professional skin cleaning and antisepsis, local anesthesia is provided with the help of a cream in patients with low pain threshold. It can be given once a year as an average of 4-6 sessions of cure. After that, a cocktail consisting of different mixtures is injected into the skin according to the needs of the skin. Although the frequency of this application varies according to the person, it can be started with 2 or 3 sessions with 10-15 days intervals and then completed to 6 sessions, once a month, or directly every 1-2 days. It can also be applied once a month as a single session.

The first expected effect is a “shimmering, lively face” effect. The second effect is the “meso-lifting” effect. A tightening of the skin is felt at each injection site. The third effect is the “filling” effect of wrinkles. This effect is temporary in the first sessions. This is due to thirst. As the number of sessions increases, the filling effect becomes permanent.

After the mesolift sessions, care should be taken not to sunbathe for 24 hours, not to wash the applied areas for a few hours, and not to apply any substance with a high risk of irritation.