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Mesotherapy in the treatment of hair loss and baldness

Hair loss can be due to many reasons. Generally, it is divided into two as Genetic Hair Loss and Non-Genetic Hair Loss. Although the most common cause of non-genetic hair loss is stress; Hair loss often develops due to certain diseases. most frequently; Hair loss can be seen due to many reasons such as iron deficiency anemia, B12, hair loss due to folic acid deficiency, hair loss due to too much or less work of thyroid hormones, polycystic ovary disease. Here, the correct diagnosis of the patient who applied with the complaint of hair loss; examination and questioning of the doctor and then the tests performed. Again, some drugs used by the patient may cause hair loss. Therefore, it is important to question the drugs used by the patient.


Scalp Mesotherapy; It is the application of amino acids, proteins and vitamins needed by the hair follicles to the scalp and substances that will accelerate the blood flow in the scalp to the hair follicles. Scalp Mesotherapy is a very effective treatment method that can be applied as a supportive treatment in all types of hair loss. Sometimes it is the main treatment, but; It is a very effective treatment method that can sometimes be applied as an important supportive treatment to the treatment for the cause.


In hair mesotherapy; The necessary substances are applied to the scalp as injections with fine-tipped needles. Contrary to what is thought, it is not a very painful method. Many vitamins, peptides, amino acids, and substances that increase blood circulation in the scalp are applied directly to the hair follicles. The application can be done as 4-10 sessions at 1- or 2-week intervals depending on the severity of shedding. The patient should be told not to wash the hair on the day of the application. After 2-4 sessions of scalp mesotherapy, a significant decrease in hair loss and new hair growth begin to be seen.


Among the most common causes of hair loss in women are iron deficiency anemia and more or less work of thyroid hormones. These diseases cause both hair loss; It also dries the hair follicles and causes the hair to be very lifeless and weak. Therefore, the demand for mesotherapy is higher from women. With the injections made into the hair follicles, hair loss is prevented and the revitalization of the hair follicles is ensured. For this purpose, special blend mesotherapy solutions obtained from vitamin, mineral and amino acid mixtures that nourish the hair follicles are injected into the hair follicles.


The most common cause of hair loss in men–Male Pattern Hair Loss– is “genetic factors” and “hormonal-related” hair loss. Hair loss due to genetics usually begins in the 20s and continues until the age of 40-50. With the topical solutions to be given to the patient, oral drug treatments and shampoo support, the hair loss complaint of the patient stops significantly and new hair growth begins effectively with the Scalp Mesotherapy to be applied to the patient. With the Scalp Mesotherapy method, the hair follicles are quite strong. Since hair loss in men is different from women, the effectiveness of the treatment will be better if mesotherapy support is done for a longer period of time.