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Mesotherapy and its application

Mesotherapy is a medical aesthetic treatment that has been going on since 1952. In mesotherapy, it is essential to inject chemical or herbal product mixtures, which are prepared in different combinations according to the area to be treated, under the skin in small doses and with multiple needle insertions. We can say that the most applied cellulite treatment, regional slimming applications, hair loss and strengthening of the scalp are the most applied applications in Mesotherapy, which has many application areas.

Since the mixtures of active ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals used in mesotherapy are applied to the area where the problem is in the dermis and injected in low amounts, it is ensured that they are used in much less amounts without spreading to the whole body. In this way, while the potency of the active substances used increases, the possibility of side effects from these active substances may decrease. Mesotherapy applications vary according to the application and the area applied, but are applications performed between 2 and 8 sessions, with an average of 1-2 weeks apart. According to the results obtained, if it is repeated approximately every 6 months, the permanence of the results may be longer.