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Men’s needs in dermatological developments

Methods for removing wrinkles, spot treatments, skin care, filling and rejuvenation with botox…

We think that these concepts only attract the attention of women. But no, nowadays, men are as popular with these things as women. Because it is not enough just to look fit, the man now wants a face with a more vigorous and lively complexion. The reason for this can be considered the opposite sex, but this is not the most important reason. Status and prestige is the biggest reason why gentlemen want to look flawless. Another is social media… The photos shared in this area push men as well as women to aesthetic applications. So much so that; Besides routine hair, hand-foot, skin care and sports, she regularly spares time for aesthetic touches in her life. Therefore, well-groomed hands and feet, well-groomed and attentive hair, and flawless skin form the basis of a man’s beauty. But besides him, men want volume in the face area with fillers, botox and similar methods, they want wrinkles to be alleviated, but there is only one condition, “to look natural”. Applying a little too much filler can transform the male face into a feminine structure. Therefore, it is necessary to apply on a very sensitive line and in expert hands. There are various methods that are most preferred by men in 2015 and that we think will continue to be popular in 2016.

Here is the “aesthetic trend” ranking in men.

1- Getting rid of spots: Our men definitely want to get rid of sun spots, age spots and different types of spots on the skin. Laser spot treatment is an ideal method for both face and hands. In addition, various laser technologies for facial redness (rosacea) are among the methods that give satisfactory results.

2- Destroying small veins that distort the image: Telangiectasis veins and small red, pink and blue veins are seen on the face and neck and disturb the person aesthetically. A solution to the problem can be found in a few minutes with laser vascular treatments. The procedure does not harm the tissues.

3- Acne-free skin: one of the best methods for this is laser treatments and other combined treatments to be carried out together. They can also be used to remove wrinkles.

4- I will not have wrinkles, but I should have natural lines: Men do not compromise on naturalness. We apply botox and filler techniques specific to men, paying attention to this while intervening in wrinkles and giving volume to the facial area.

5- Natural methods are indispensable: Stem cell application and PRP are among the most favorite applications of men. Because with the effect of antiaging, naturalness does not deteriorate, and this is their greatest desire.

6- Indispensable for men with thick hair, Mesotherapy: men who do not have hair problems like Mesotherapy, which is applied to the hair as well as the skin. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the skin needs are given directly to the skin, thereby activating the skin’s metabolism.

7- Topical applications such as moisturizers and face creams are now included in the scope of products that men should use for the care of their skin.

Dermatologist Zehra Doust