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Melasma (skin patches)

Melasma is a blemish that is more common especially in women and usually appears later in the face area.

It can occur due to the increase in hormones that occur during pregnancy, due to the use of birth control pills, due to ultraviolet rays, menopause, drugs, and sometimes genetic reasons.

It is more common in dark-skinned individuals.

Forehead, cheeks, temple, upper lip, bridge of the nose and chin are the most common areas.

The increase in melanin pigment in the upper and middle layers of the skin causes the appearance of these spots. This depth can be estimated by Wood’s light examination.

Although it is said that thyroid hormone disorder can also cause melasma, there is no definite proven data.

In the treatment, these spots are tried to be removed with PRP, mesotherapy, dermatherapy, chemical peeling and laser, as well as some creams with lightening properties.

Regardless of the reason, sun protection has an important place, as ultraviolet rays have a stain-increasing feature.