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Medical Foot Care

We do not give due importance to the heaviest workers of our body, that is, to our feet, which we carry all our weight by captive in shoes.

Our foot health deteriorates due to congenital or advanced age, bone deformities, diabetes caused by metabolism disorders, circulatory disorders, traffic accidents and other reasons. About one out of every five people in our country has a problem with their feet. We should pay attention to our foot health in order to prevent or delay foot problems, especially in advanced ages.

Although there are places in our country that deal with foot problems in some way, people with problems do not know exactly where to apply, and they encounter difficult situations from time to time.

The field that deals with foot health and care is known as “podiatry”. It is necessary to know that podiatry is ‘preventive’, that is, it is important to take precautions before a foot problem occurs.

Our feet, where we have many problems from diabetic foot to ingrown toe, from calluses to fungus, from flat feet to heel spurs, fall into the application area of ​​podiatry. We need to give our feet the importance they deserve and take care of them regularly.

Most Common Standing Problems

* Foot Pains:

* Callus:

* Diabetic Foot:

* Sweating and Smelly Feet: With the effect of bacteria, unpleasant and repulsive odors occur on feet that sweat excessively and are left without air; Often times, simply washing may not be enough. The problem can be solved with the use of appropriate care products and foot care.

* Feeling of Extreme Burning or Coldness in the Feet

Common Problems Related to Heel and Sole

*Heel Spur: It is the most common cause of heel pain. It causes pain when standing up and especially when getting out of bed in the morning. Ossification and the appearance of thorns occur in the heel due to irritation in cases that cause overload for the foot, such as sole collapse, standing too long, moving from a sedentary lifestyle to an active life. The use of heel cushions or suitable insoles is relaxing.

*Plantar Fascia Irritation: Causes pain in the sole and heel of the foot; The pain, which is evident in the morning, may decrease as you move. It occurs as a result of overloading on the “plantar fascia” lying between the head of the metatarsal bones and the heel bone on the sole of the foot. Excess weight, use of wrong shoes, collapse of sole, sudden and significant increase in daily activity can cause this ailment. Appropriate insoles are generally comforting.

*Cracked Heel: It depends on the drying of the skin and is common. If the crack deepens, there may be pain, bleeding, and inflammation. Moisturizing and, if necessary, the use of appropriate insoles may be helpful.

Common Ailments Related to Nails

*Ingrown Nail:

* Thickened Nail

Nails are the main feature that reflects the cleanliness and health of people. In order to improve their appearance and maintain their health, attention should be paid to general body health and nutrition. In addition, external care should not be neglected. If nail care is not taken care of, many nail diseases may develop, cosmetically disturbing results (such as shape and discoloration) may occur. Dermatologists see many patients presenting for nail problems and seeking solutions every day.

* Fungus Nail

A. General Foot Care

An active and productive life depends on foot health. Taking care of the feet and performing their care correctly and periodically make a significant contribution to the improvement of the quality of life.

In our clinic In cooperation with SWEDEN FOOT HEALTH, the pioneer and reliable institution of this field in Turkey, “dry system” foot care is performed. In the dry system, the process is applied without putting the foot in water. Correct nail cutting is done, skin thickening and calluses are cleaned, thickened nails are thinned, nail channels are cleaned and necessary supports are placed. General foot care is done using special GEHWOL products developed for foot problems.

Details are important in quality of life. Healthy feet are an important part of quality life. Foot health and care that podiatry deals with is not a luxury, but a necessity.

B. Callus Treatment

It often occurs as a result of not using suitable shoes or sole deformation. In fact, the callus, which is the body’s defense tool, gradually becomes an element of discomfort. The treatment is both the removal of the callus and the elimination of friction or pressure on the foot; At this stage, it is important to choose the appropriate shoes or insoles.

Depending on the source of the problem, there may be calluses that can be healed with one or more cares or that need constant care for a lifetime. Regular maintenance is necessary for good results.

It is not appropriate to use callus tape; Due to its acid content, it can cause irritation and wound on the skin. The correct thing is to have the callus removed by a podiatrist.

C. Ingrown Nail Treatment

It is a problem faced by a large part of society. It can occur due to reasons such as wrong nail cutting, congenital turned nail structure, worn shoes, accidental stepping on it.

Ingrown nail should be treated immediately, the ingrown part should be removed by a specialist. In cases of ingrown ingrowths that recur frequently, the nail canal is intervened with appropriate methods and it is tried to lengthen it without stinging.

Complete removal of the ingrown nail is usually a temporary solution; your nail again

There is a high probability of sinking during the elongation process. Due to the damage to the nail bed during extraction, the newly growing nail may be thicker than the old one and prone to ingrowing. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to try other methods before shooting.

There are features to be considered in nail cutting. Nails are in line with their natural line

straight cut; Cutting corners may cause sunken, round should be filed. Nails should not be cut from the bottom, some nails should be left from the end. Nails should not be cleaned with sharp objects that can spoil the bed, it is more convenient to use a nail brush. Nails, like the skin of the feet, need to be moisturized and softened.

In our clinicnail for the correct extension of the nail without sinking cleaning and supporting the canal. Sometimes painful calluses, such as an ingrown nail, may occur in the nail canal, which should be differentiated from ingrown nails and treated appropriately.

D. Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal disease of the nail usually starts on one or both nails of the foot, rarely of the hand; then it can spread to all nails. If untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body and infect other members of the family. Untreated toenail fungal infection can cause persistent lymphedema in the legs. Sometimes, it can cause more serious infections due to bacteria, requiring hospitalization.

E. Diabetic Foot Care

The “diabetic foot” picture is a condition that is seen in many diabetic patients over time. First, the feet become numb (neuropathy) and the scar formation may not be noticed by the patient. In addition, narrowing of capillaries in the following periods also complicates wound healing. Over time, results may occur that extend to amputation of the foot. For this reason, foot care is of special importance in diabetics.

F. Pedograph (Footprint Study) and Insoles Application

Foot pain is one of the most common foot ailments. People often seem to accept these pains. The most common cause of foot pain is flattening of the sole; Contrary to popular belief, this situation may occur later. The foot lengthens and enlarges with age, the foot number can grow; At this stage, the sole begins to collapse and pain begins due to fatigue and strain in the foot muscles. In this case, proper foot support is very helpful. However, despite the situations where insoles should be used, the use of non-orthopedic shoes increases these pains.

Edema occurs in the feet, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Foot bones may collapse due to hormonal changes, increase in body weight and change in center of gravity in pregnant women. In this case, the use of appropriate insoles is useful.

G. Foot Care Products

In order to increase the comfort of the feet, foot care products and pressure relievers and correctors that will immediately eliminate minor foot problems can be used.

1. Foot Creams

2. Pressure Relievers