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Many unknown facts about Botox

Botox has become the most popular medical aesthetic method in recent years due to its ease of application, being economical, being a temporary aesthetic method and obtaining natural results.
It was first used medically in the treatment of strabismus in the 1970s. It is used both medically and cosmetically by temporarily preventing the contraction of the eye muscles in strabismus.

Hold tight… The cosmetic efficacy of Botox was discovered by chance. Essentially, this is a patient observation. Patients who received Botox for double vision; They observed that their crow’s feet and wrinkles were reduced. This observation was a pioneer for the aesthetic use of botox.

Approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It should only be done more carefully and in appropriate doses to other areas. With Botox injections, the bunny lines on the nose can be destroyed at the same time, a monalisa smile can be provided, the unhappy appearance can be eliminated, the tip of the nose can be lifted, the chewing muscles can be softened and the face can be given a v shape, the chin wrinkle can be removed with the chin kadi application, the face oily skin can be reduced, pores can be tightened, excessive sweating on the scalp seen in menopause can be reduced.

It is very effective in sweating. It relaxes the muscles in the sweat glands and reduces sweating. It stops excessive sweating in the palms, feet and armpits and prevents the ugly cosmetic appearance in social environments.

Yes, it is also effective in migraine. It can eliminate the pain caused by migraine and reduce severe pain.

It prevents urinary incontinence when applied to overactive bladder muscle, which is another social, medical use.

It is a cosmetic procedure with high personal satisfaction and cheap, as a very striking and beautiful expression is created by applying it to the appropriate places by the appropriate physician. A wrinkle-free, youthful appearance can be achieved with Botox.

Although it is an easy application, its application by people who do not have a command of anatomy can lead to very bad results. It should be done at appropriate angles, appropriate muscles, appropriate depths, otherwise the mask may appear on the face.

Excess botox does not create a better image! Appropriate doses should be used in appropriate places.

As a result of frequent botox applications, resistance may develop. In order to prevent antibody formation, there should be at least 4 months between two botox applications.

It can be applied to all skin types at any time of the year, regardless of gender. It does not cause pigmentation, and in this sense, it is a reliable medical aesthetic application.

Unlike filling applications, the effect is not immediate; Starting lightly on day 3, 10. sits well during the day. In these doses, the effect of botox, which lasts for 3.5 months when appropriate, is first applied; This period is extended with regular application at appropriate intervals, to the right places.

Regular application as a prophylactic in Mediterranean people who use their facial expressions a lot and who are excited, prevents the formation of dynamic wrinkles; It prevents the formed wrinkles from becoming permanent.

Anxious, tired, irritable and harsh expression of people who have Botox is softened. Brightness and smoothness occur in the skin. A happy, rested and youthful appearance is provided.

As for the fiat; It can be said that it is the most economical and satisfactory aesthetic procedure. Demand is increasing in big cities such as Ankara.