lock hanger

Among the non-surgical face lift methods, the most effective method is the locking method. In this method, silicone threads are placed under the skin and tension is provided. The threads produced in France have dynamic properties and cause the protection of facial expressions. A dull expression or expressionlessness never occurs on the face. They provide an average of 4-6 years permanence.

“LOCK HANGER” application takes about 60-90 minutes. Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, no pain is felt. Mild edema and skin folds may occur after the application. These findings disappear in approximately 2 weeks.
After the procedure, it is necessary not to lie face down for 2-4 weeks, not to eat hard and crusty foods, and not to make movements that require the jaw to be opened too much.

With the lock hanger method:
– Nose edge lines
– rim lines
– Recovery of sagging under the chin
– Brow lift and forehead lines
– It is aimed to correct the facial oval.
Since it is a process that requires experience and practice, it should be applied by specialist doctors.