Regional excess fat, which is one of the most common problems in men and women, is an issue that cannot be ignored. Although aesthetic, medical and surgical methods have found many methods in the fight against this problem, the latest trend is the Lipolysis method, which is frequently used in America and Europe. Other names of the lipolysis method, which is frequently mentioned especially in cellulite and regional thinning in these periods, are the terms Lipodissolve, Lipotherapy, Lipolysis. Today, soy injection method is applied in Europe and America for regional thinning and cellulite problems that cannot be solved by diet. This method, which is applied by a small number of physicians in Turkey, has been attracting great attention in Europe and the USA for a while, although it was started in Brazil in 1995 and received FDA approval.

In which areas is it most applied?

This method, which you can use to eliminate regional and permanent fat deposits, is not a weight loss method. For example, it provides extremely successful results in postpartum fat masses, arm, leg, neck, abdomen, hip fat and cellulite cases. If so, it may be necessary to lose weight.

Which regions get better results?

Although some people are not overweight, excessive fat accumulation occurs in certain areas. Legs, hips, abdomen, sides of the waist, especially the abdomen and waist in men are the places that are most prone to fat accumulation, and especially in these regions, extremely successful results are obtained.