lip contour lines

Not lips! Lip area rejuvenation ☺

In this article, we will talk about the chin and upper lip lines, which are lip supporters rather than lips.

From the age of 30, the lateral spaces of the lower jaw begin to show itself from small to small and become more prominent with tiny sagging starting from the cheeks.

Age, sun, mimic, cigarette, wind instrument individuals, teacher or speaker, it is almost impossible to prevent the formation of vertical lines of the upper and lower skin surrounding the lip.

Elastin and collagen losses of our skin over time are the most important factors in creating the basis for these lines.

Male patients are a little more fortunate because they have the chance to camouflage these areas with a beard or mustache, whereas women do not have such a chance.

What can patients do to prevent lines around the lip from the age of 30?

– Nutrition supporting skin collagen (consuming vegetables, fruits and meat with bone)

– Implementing sun and light protection measures

– Try not to drink with a straw

-No smoking

The vertical lines around the lip begin to appear first from the upper lip, and when intervened at this stage, very good results can be obtained without getting too deep and difficult to treat.

So how do we dermatologists help you after the lines are formed?

-30 years old;

Lip regeneration vaccines

Chemical peels

golden needle


Salmon DNA

-40LI ages;

thin fillings

golden needle

50 years and older;

– Superficial skin peeling treatments (plexr, strong peels)


Knowledge, experience, anatomy knowledge in the treatment of lip lines contributes to a better visual pleasure application, which is more quality and pleasant.

The chin space and aestheticization of the chin are another factor that contributes to the pleasant appearance of the lip.

It ensures that these areas are nicely filled with filler and are in harmony with the lips.