Lip and face filling

Try filling application to achieve the face and lip lines you want.

Wrinkles and sagging occur as a result of decreases in skin elasticity, collagen fibers, and hyaluronic acid with age. Facial filling can also be done in the treatment of these.

The most preferred material in filler injections is hyaluronic acid. Another frequently used substance is calcium hydroxy apatite. One of the important factors to be considered in the filling application is the choice of the filling material suitable for the region. For example, the substance that can be applied under the eyes and the molecule preferred on the cheek should be different.

The filler can be applied to the problematic area with the help of an injector or cannula. Local anesthetic creams can be used when necessary.

With facial filling, the appearance of aging due to the decrease of collagen tissue is corrected.

With filler injection, sagging on the face, forehead, middle of the eyebrow, nasolabial lines, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes can be corrected. Filling can be used in indications such as providing fullness in the lips, correcting asymmetries, lifting the nose. In recent years, it is possible to recover the face by taking advantage of the lifting effect with injections applied to some points on the face.

Before filling injection applications, drugs with blood thinning effects should not be used. Mild bruises that may develop after the procedure are temporary. Participating in heavy sports activities after application, exposure to high heat such as Turkish bath and sauna should be avoided as it may reduce the quality of the filling application. It is important not to consume hot drinks, especially after lip augmentation.

Although fillers generally last 8-12 months, permanence may vary from person to person. It is possible to look younger and more dynamic with filler applications.

Filling application is actually for the purpose of replacing the diminishing tissue of the body.

Filling application;

In the collapse of the cheek, which we call the middle face, due to the reduction of the fat pads,

In the lines above the lips,

In the grooves descending from the mouth,

In detention collapses,

We can apply on thin and dry lips.