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led therapy

Thanks to LED (Light Emmision Diode) therapy, we can stimulate our skin without overheating. The mechanism of action here is that it stimulates both fibroblasts and defense cells of the dermis. When applied 2 or 3 times a week in a total of 9 sessions, tightening of the skin texture, improvement in acne, improvement in circulation and a pink healthy skin can be achieved accordingly.
It is possible to achieve a healthy appearance on the skin with the lights of LED therapy in 3 different wavelengths, in 3 different colors and therefore with different functions.

1. Elimination of fine lines and improvement of dermatitis-like diseases with LED plus,

2. With LED revive, it is aimed to produce collagen fibers and to work with productive cells.

3. And finally, with LED blue, it is aimed to cure acne, that is, puberty acne or similar acne.

Some of our young people with acne problems are getting better during the summer months. Indeed, ultraviolet rays, salt water of the sea can heal acne; however, we do not recommend treatment in this way as the harmful effects of ultraviolet occur at the same time. The great thing about LED blue is that it is ultraviolet free and can treat acne similarly to the healing effect of the sun.

The common aspects of LED revive and plus are that it can regulate the circulation and nutrition of the skin, strengthen the defense system, increase the activity of cells that produce collagen and elastic fiber, and give the skin a healthier and fresher appearance. These treatments are in cures of 8-12 sessions, twice a week. It can then be continued once a month for maintenance purposes. Although the duration of the effect varies from person to person, it can be 6-12 months.