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Laser tattoo removal treatment

Methods other than laser tattoo removal are not successful and usually leave scars. That’s why laser tattoo removal treatment is performed today.

Tattoo removal treatment is done at intervals of 6-8 weeks. An average of 4-6 sessions of treatment may be required for amateur tattoos, and more than 6 sessions for professional tattoos.

Q switch ND YAG laser 1064 nm(black, navy blue tattoos)

Q switch ND YAG 532 nm KTP laser(red, purple, orange tattoos)

Q switch ruby ​​laser(black, navy blue green tattoos)

Q switch alexandrite laser(black, navy blue green tattoos)

Pulsed dye pigment laser( red green navy blue tattoos )

Q switch ND YAG laser is used more safely in tattoo removal treatment of dark-skinned people.